We have a small, simple set of rules we expect all members to follow.
1. Speak English
- We appreciate we're an international community but to make communication easy we ask you to stick to this when engaging with other members.
2. Respect others
- When we say respect we refer to other members and their right to voice an opinion, even if you agree or disagree with it. When engaging with others in the community keep this in mind. We won't accept discrimination or any form of bullying so play nice and treat others with the respect they deserve.
3. Be constructive
- When offering critique on a release. Explain how it could be improved upon in a respectful & constructive manner. If you can't we'd prefer you offer nothing at all, we'll enforce this by deleting your comments if necessary.

The small print!

a) No advertising except on music and related events.
b) No nudity in images avatars / signatures.
c) No spamming.
d) No linking / sharing of unlicensed material.
e) No duplicate accounts. Only 1 per person!

Us / we the moderators reserve the right to edit/ amend/ delete any posts or content attributed to your user account as we see fit. By signing up to our forum you agree to this and to obey our rules outlined above.

Failure to abide by these rules will mean moderator intervention either through a written warning, a partial / temporary or even permanent ban depending upon the severity & number of previously incurred infractions. As moderators we will always strive to be firm and fair to our members with the thought of the community at the forefront of our decision making. It should be noted that even though moderators may act independently at times, as a group we self moderate amongst ourselves to keep a balance and consistency whenever & wherever possible.


Next meet our staff! We have 3 types on the board with:

Moderators: Chreddy, Katadunkass, missmimi, Nemezijus, NomadZXZ, Voci
Super moderators: Cheer_Up, PegaSus
Admin: Sunshine^, Wesley

If you have any questions the community can't answer then contact one of the above with your question and we'll respond to you as quickly as we can! To do so about a specific post please hit the report button located next to each one. For something more general send us a PM.

We the moderators have a duty to ensure the forum is friendly and fun for all. Whenever we take action it's for the benefit of the community. When you take action yourself through posting on the boards we ask you to do the same.

Now having read all that (pats on the back!), say hello and have some fun!