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Conversation Between PegaSus and Progrez

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  1. Tell your friend it's fixed
  2. Cheers! Forwarded to Wesley. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Hey man, someone on Facebook messaged me that he is having trouble registering because captcha thing doesn't work. Can you please look into it man? Cheers
  4. Hi,

    Well I guess you should post the topic in the 'non trance section'. Otherwise there will always be people complaining about it

  5. Hey mate, Just wondering with Airwave's album which I will be posting a topic about in the near future. Its not really a trance album but there are a few trance tracks on the album like Atlas Winds, United 93 and one other track I think I am thinking of putting it in the non trance section since it won't be a trance album but it does has a few trance tracks. What do you think? Even Airwave doesn't call it a trance album. Just wondering if what guidelines have you put in place for it to go in the trance section.
  6. No probs hope you like it he's the proper house stuff and yeah loved his album as well Sahara was my favourite from his album. No idea of the release I even asked Guy and got no response.
  7. Cool, thanks for the video. Guy J is great! Loved his album
  8. This was also my favourite house track last year as well yet to be released though
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