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Conversation Between Addict-In-Trance and Sunshine

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  1. Hahaha! I need to use that one
  2. Yeah indeed!
    I think that the oldest person I saw at Armin Only would be over 60 years old.
    But when I look around and see friends getting kids etc :O
  3. I've attended three trance events in Holland now, I've been so surprised learning people's age. The average age is much higher than what I expected! So I guess we're still young
  4. Absolutely
    And I still feel young hehe
    Also when I look around at tranceparties..... I can become a lot older before I get really old
  5. we have a saying, that you're only as old as you act and feel plus, you don't stop playing because you get old - you get old because you stop playing
  6. Haha true!
    But I prefer to stay young
  7. Tell me about it, I turn 29 in three weeks.. 30s here we come!
  8. Thnx
    It is going fast now! Almost 30
  9. Happy birthday
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