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  1. I had to share with you this epic movie/song
  2. this is great! we're waiting for you buddy. good luck with your exams
  3. I'm fine thanks, Im glad you enjoy it.
    Im looking forward to meet you and Elio soon (je reviens au liban après mes exams , le 25 Juillet)
  4. wassup bro! no I don't...but yea he is actually pretty good. good tune cheers mate
  5. hi wassup buddy?
    Do you know Gesaffelstein?

    I guess it's better than Guetta ...
  6. Thanks, I'm going to check it... Happy easter
  7. it was amazing my fav set was definitely John O' Callaghan he killed it
  8. tout va bien
    Actually I liked this track, nice breakdown with a good melody.
    How was asot600 in Beirut? What was your favorite set?
  9. cava brother u ?

    currently im hooked to this:

    not the usual Aly and Fila but pure quality

  10. I'm glad you liked it. By the way wassup ?
    And what's your tune of the moment?
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