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Review: Ferrin & Morris – Lucid Springs [Transistic Records / TSC010]

Josh Ferrin & Alan Morris are teaming up once again for their 4th collab on Transistic Records and they have finished a brand new release called “Lucid Springs”. This time German producer Torsten Nieland (Trance Arts) has been put on the remix job and they even included an uplifting mix of their own leaving you behind with three flavors to chose from. So don’t worry, there sure is something in here you like!

The Review:

Ferrin & Morris – Lucid Springs (Original Mix)

This one is tagged as Progressive Trance in the release description, so I was kind of prepared for something different as my usual preferences. Starting of quite smooth and funky I immediately had a good feeling about this. You really have to enjoy these nice pads and vocal chops combined with a catchy melody. Especially in the breakdown this one really shines as it gives out a warm feeling. Speaking as an uplifting fanatic myself I really enjoyed this production.

Ferrin & Morris – Lucid Springs (Uplifting Mix)

This is the mix I first heard on Youtube a while ago which made me very exciting on first listen. It was even the main reason I contacted Transistic Records for an exclusive Trancefix review on this release. Once again these chopped vocals are doing a great job creating a special atmosphere. I bet Josh Ferrin was the mastermind behind that since it somehow reminded me of his co-production “Westworld” on Fenology. After this great build-up and superb breakdown the climax will hit you like napalm. Very energetic and a perfect example of an uplifting euphoric riff should sound like. With thousand of releases every week nowadays, this one did really caught my attention as it’s quite fresh and just pure uplifting! Something what’s slowly seem to disappear lately.

Ferrin & Morris – Lucid Springs (Trance Arts Remix)

At last we got Unearthed’s resident Trance Arts for the additional remix. With a remix on Alan Morris successful release “Jericho” and countless other releases in 2011, Torsten proved already to be a stable and constant producer over these years. And he’s ready to deliver once again. With those little pauses in the buildup this remix gives you that popular 140 BPM feeling as it’s very energetic and definitely promising towards the ‘two minutes long’ breakdown. A dreamy piano does even remind me of a DJ with his hands in the air which everyone could relate to I guess. Altough the climax does explode in the terms of energy, it actually disappoints in proper melodic eargasm in my opinion. I guess I’ve been spoiled by the previous mix too much, this has no chance to beat that unfortunately. A strong and good remix, but just lacking melody for me!

Final Words:

The Uplifting Mix is definitely the winner of the package for me without a single doubt. Both the Original and the Trance Arts Remix are facing opposite directions, so there is really a pick for everyone in here. Transistic did a fantastic job on creating this release, and I am very happy for them with the ASOT support and more on this one! Can’t wait for the next Ferrin & Morris release.


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