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Review: Jaytech & James Grant – Anjunadeep 04

It doesn’t matter if you’re into Progressive House / Trance, Deep or Tech House, these two mixes by label guru James Grant and his sidekick Jaytech will satisfy every fan of the sounds from Anjunadeep for a long time! With more than 2,5 hours of the best selected tracks this is perfect material for all of us.


Mixed by James Grant who is head of A&R at Anjunadeep and of course the brother of who else than Above&Beyond’s very own Jono Grant. If you’re into the deeper aspects of trance and house, this is definitely something for you!

His mix kicks off with Dusky – Stick By This which was released on their album from 2011. It’s perfect as an opening track and puts you right in the mood for more. Next up is a familiar name from Germany and the full name is Martin Roth – Beautiful Life. With a huge discography and responsible for some great oldskool trance remixes and productions he made a drastic genre change a couple of years ago from trance to progressive house. I have to say I really love this vibe and those small repeating vocals are very catchy. After five lovely minutes James adds a more funky track to his mix. Never heard of this guy before though.

Vincenzo – Get To Know You will most likely have caught your attention with this raw bass line seducing you to move your feet. No idea why but it really reminds me of an empty dance floor and a smoke machine. Talking about a crazy bass line, the next track takes it to another level. Laura Jones – Love In Me (Maceo Plex Remix) has it all in store for you house lovers. So far James made a good track selection , but the female groaning at the end will result in a drop of volume on my side. Always get a bit uncomfortable playing that loud with a house full of other people.

Luckily for me Andrew Bayer – You has been mixed in shortly after. A lovely 808 kick with jazz elements made my volume slider go up again. The breakdown of this track is of orchestral proportions and slightly gives this mix more variety. A great track to relax, close your eyes and empty your thoughts. While you’re drifted away to another world a brand new remix makes its debut on the CD. Paronator – No Gravity (Tom Middelton Liquatech Mix) has a powerful deep bass line and all the right materials to boost the place up a little bit. Very danceable and just represents the right vibe. I can imagine my non EDM friends will even move to the sound of this. If they still won’t move an inch the next treat will do the trick for sure.

The second track by Alfie & Nick named Dusky – Lost Highway has that lovely deep house feeling which works stronger than caffeine and prepares you for a long and heavy night. This is definitely a pleasant discovery for me, and actually can’t believe I completely missed their album last year. Next in line is one of my personal favorites of this mix already. Above & Beyond – Prelude (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) is just my definition of a sexy and very danceable treatment of an already solid production on Above & Beyond’s album last year. The additional soul/r&b vocal chops are fitting in perfectly and mixed with these pads just gives me an ultimate warm feeling.

What’s a mix without another collaboration of these guys? Nothing apparently as Full Tilt – Take Me Away (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) is the runner-up. As I can’t recall hearing the original mix of this track produced by Timmy & Tommy I expect it to be completely different than this lovely deep remix. Not always a big fan of DJ’s filling their mixes with their own productions or remixes after each other, but James did actually stand out with these two little gems.

Moving away from these legends means it’s time for Colin Fisher’s take on his southern neighbors: Parker & Hanson – Afterthought (Soundprank’s Deep04 Remix) has that lovely piano chord which keeps on repeating a simple but very catchy melody. With a release on the first sampler of this CD it really caught everybody’s attention and with a very good reason I say. With just a couple of tracks left on CD1 we finally see some Dutch influence in the mix from a very popular Anjunabeats artist. Stephen J. Kroos – Phobos is a very crispy and fresh production which starts off quite slow, but it most likely wouldn’t be on this CD if it didn’t had that nice deep lead somewhere near the breakdown. Quite a funky and mellow production with a great drive to it.

When I thought this mix was going to follow the same road as Stephen’s track , the next production by these Italians P8 & Answer42 – Fragments brings a sort of Detroit twist to it. This is definitely hundred percent dance floor material, and right up my alley as well. Just imagine a crowded club with this track mixed in by the DJ, there won’t be anyone sitting lonely at the bar anymore. Should love to hear this one live someday. Second last track from the mix has been reserved by two familiar names once again. P.O.S. – Gravity (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix) takes this classic production by label boss Paavo to another direction. Gone are the trancy elements from the classic original and new are the deep and groovy beats from these two gentlemen. A salient detail must be the fact they kept the piano still intact. Loving that! And as I’ve expected the last track Andrew Bayer – Gaff’s Eulogy fits perfectly as an outro for this mix. It does take the heat out of the fire, and for me really shows how talented and diverse this producer really is. After 70 minutes of deep progressive beats you will end this journey with a mellow and peaceful moment to think back and relax. Let’s see what CD2 has in store for us.


Mixed by Jaytech, this will take another path than the previous CD. Expect more techy and up-tempo tracks from this very talented Australian.

Made in Italy: Answer42 – The Lemon Effect brings that nice disco feeling closer to us, and Jaytech isn’t afraid to let us have a bite of it. Crazy melodies and funky effects are getting you right in the mood for more, and this mix is starting off in style. Kobana & Yane3dots – Woosh is a production from two Polish producers who are making their debut on this compilation with a fresh and dirty record. Just like the previous track this one has exactly the same sort of groove, and has been selected for this mix with a good reason for sure! Moving on with the third track we encounter a very popular name in the scene. Oliver Smith – Under The Wire is a production from a man who had his first productions signed under Anjunabeats over 10 years ago and never left. He’s definitely part of their furniture how we like to call it here in Holland. A change in style did leave some questions by the true trance fanatics, but hearing this new production by him does make me realize he’s still a very talented producer out there. It really is a nice progressive track with a pretty hip bass line.

After two Dusky tracks on the previous mix the boys return under their other disguise:Solarity – Primordial is number three for them and sounds very modern with that raw synth lead which is immensely popular nowadays. Mixed with these great percussion it does sound very alive, and I’m really liking the drive in this one as well. Anonymous producers Suspect 44 are being selected for their track called Suspect 44 – Neon Feel. This simply brings out that disco feel again, and those little vocal snippets are really helping to give me that retro feeling back. Excellent use of a simple piano chord as well.

The next track comes from the master himself: Jaytech – Synergy will not only get your feet moving with this crazy bass line and simple yet effective chord, it will also give you some extra energy with those uplifting high pitched pads near the end to get you going for a while. Flying back to Europe again it’s up for a well known Russian producer with a wild discography. Vadim Soloviev – Forma Perpetua brings back those orchestral hits right down towards the break. It’s a pleasant combination hearing those hits with these typical progressive elements. It has been a while since I’ve heard something from Vadim but after hearing this one, I should definitely keep an eye on him again.

After the successful remix on Disc1 it’s nice to see this name again: Soundprank – Boundless Energy has more to offer than just a promising title. A mysterious melody has taken over the main role of the production and I’m loving the way he kept this atmosphere till the break down. A very melodic climax has indeed boundless energy and this is a typical track which will do very good in progressive live sets. It’s been a short visit, and we’re back again to Russian soil with a remix by the in spotlight standing Vladimir Ershov. Jaytech – Overdrive (PROFF Remix) has to be one of the few tracks on this CD I’m not really feeling though. Off to promising start I’d hoped there would be more to come after the break, but unfortunately it kept repeating itself. Definitely not a highlight of the mix, but rather a nice filler.

Moving on we immediately get a huge boost in energy with this next production. Joonas Hahmo – Manor is a fresh and up-tempo progressive surprise for me. This guy from Finland impressed me with his brilliant group projects as Alt+F4 and Avanto in the past, and his last solo productions were splendid as well. Manor will certainly get people’s attention. While still enjoying this production I’m already hearing a new track mixed in, and staring at the name of the artist it doesn’t ring any bells. Levente Marton – There’s Always A Way Out is the real name of the Hungarian producer behind the well known Sunny Lax alias though. Leaving the uplifting trance side behind him, he gives it a go with a fast piece of progressive madness. Expect the unexpected from this guy! Really liking the small vocal line he used and it’s fitting just right in the already strong climax.

Near the end of the mix we see another popular name coming up. Kaskade – Sorry (Dirty South Remix) introduces the first track in these two mixes with real vocals from Late Night Alumni’s member Finn Bjarnson. Australian based Dirty South transformed the softer original version into a dirtier and more club based house version. This particular version is actually a clever mash-up with the next track from yet another familiar name. It uses elements from both the Dirty South remix as from Parker & Hanson – Alquimia (Andrew Bayer Remix) which is obviously the next track. A fantastic melodic remix by Team SR member Mr. Andrew Bayer. Released back in 2010 this production was a big surprise because of Parker & Hanson’s ‘long’ awaited comeback to producing. Quality release overall really. Finishing off in style, the man behind the wheels chose his own production as the icing on the cake. Jaytech – Atlantic feels very exotic and this melody is quite catchy. A perfect choice for the last track from the mix in my opinion. After more than 152 minutes of excellent music the final beat dropped through my speakers and it sure is time for the verdict on both CD’s.

The Verdict

My first review for Anjunabeats has been put to the test with this fantastic double CD from Jaytech & James Grant. After listening to all tracks several times during the writing I have to conclude CD1 is my favorite of the two. James Grant just nailed it with those lovely deep house beats. With a slightly preference for Mr. Grant doesn’t mean I was disappointed by Jaytech his mix. On the contrary! Both CD’s are very well compiled and mixed, and looking at the feedback from our members here at Trancefix, it’s safe to say people do love these series as well. If you are a bit tired of the same old trance sounds and looking out for something new , this is definitely a must have for you! Go grab yourself a copy now!


[TABLE] Disc 1 / Mixed By James Grant

1. Dusky “Stick By This” (Deep04 Edit)
2. Martin Roth “Beautiful Life”
3. Vincenzo “Get To Know You”
4. Laura Jones “Love In Me” (Maceo Plex Remix)
5. Andrew Bayer “You”
6. Paronator “No Gravity” (Tom Middleton Liquatech Mix)
7. Dusky “Lost Highway”
8. Above & Beyond “Prelude” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
9. Full Tilt “Take Me Away” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
10. Parker & Hanson “Afterthought” (Soundprank’s Deep04 Mix)
11. Stephen J. Kroos “Phobos”
12. P8 & Answer42 “Fragments”
13. P.O.S. “Gravity” (Andrew Bayer & James Grant Remix)
14. Andrew Bayer “Gaff’s Eulogy”

Disc 2 / Mixed by Jaytech

1. Answer42 “The Lemon Effect”
2. Kobana & Yane3dots “Woosh”
3. Oliver Smith “Under The Wire”
4. Solarity “Primordial”
5. Suspect 44 “Neon Feel”
6. Jaytech “Synergy”
7. Vadim Soloviev “Forma Perpetua”
8. Soundprank “Boundless Energy”
9. Jaytech “Overdrive” (PROFF Remix)
10. Joonas Hahmo “Manor”
11. Levente Márton “There’s Always A Way Out”
12. Kaskade “Sorry” (Dirty South Remix)
13. Parker & Hanson “Alquimia” (Andrew Bayer Remix)
14. Jaytech “Atlantic”
15. Matt Lange “Avalon” [iTunes Bonus Track] 16. Answer42 feat. Belinda Frank “Pink Houses” (Claes Rosen Remix) [iTunes Bonus Track]




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-Written by Kumara van der Gaast for Trancefix-

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