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Review: Will Atkinson – Deep Impact [Subculture/Black Hole]

[PAGE][/PAGE]Next up on Subculture is arguably one of the best Tech Trance outputs of this decade,
UK producer/DJ Will Atkinson.
After his previous Subculture single “Watch Out” earlier this year, Will returns in glorious fashion with the breathtaking “Deep Impact”.
Fasten your seatbelts!

Original Mix:

Traditional Atkinson attributes in this one, the signature kicks start it off with square pads to give you an early taste of what’s to come.
Slowly progressing, incomes the hooking acid to keep your eardrums addicted.
Fantastic melody and chord progression come into play during the breakdown, reminiscent of the old 90’s Paul van Dyk sound we have missed so much.
A few speaking samples before we move into fifth gear with a huge blast of energetic brilliance that shows just how deep the impact will penetrate.
The climax hits you like a fresh whirlwind and gives you that adrenaline rush you crave.
Simple, highly effective and an outright banger.

Neezy’s Verdict:

On a minor negative, it does lack a certain thrust to the usual Atkinson releases in the past, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.
Otherwise everything in this release is completely positive.
Nothing too complicated, no cramming the sound levels to the max, no compressing a whole load of elements together, just solid Trance as we like it!
You may want to add this to your cart as soon as possible.


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  1. Awesome track. Really hits the spot! Well Done again, Will!

  2. GRRREAAAT!!!!!!!!

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