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Review: Moshic – False Emotion [Bonzai Progressive]

 Back in 1992 a label named Bonzai Trance Progressive was formed. Today it is better known as Bonzai Progressive, but don’t be fooled by the name, as the label is not afraid to release a huge variety of genres: All from Progressive house to techno, trance and psytrance. This time the people behind Bonzai Progressive teamed up with one of the best progressive producers out there right now; Moshic. Born in Israel he is known for his tribalistic and arabic grooves filled with progressive atmosphere. A track from a guy like this demands perfect remixers and it is safe to say: We surely got such a package!

The Review:

Moshic – False Emotion (Original Mix)

The Original Mix stays true to what we usually hear from Moshic. Here you get a 1 minute long intro with subtle beats slowly getting heavier and more dominant. From here on and out you are in for a treat. The track slowly evolves into a true Moshic track with ethnic grooves and arabic atmosphere. In the background you’ll hear male chords and fantastic, dry beats while the atmosphere keeps on evolving all the way to the 5 minute mark. You’ll get a mixture of hats, deep, slow bass and various effects before hitting the breakdown. The breakdown itself is no longer than a minute or so, but here the male chord continues while the melody slowly progresses and builds up. Don’t expect a massive climax with huge effects and a clear cut melody, instead you get something much more fitting: A continuing progression of subtle effects, warm melody and grooves. A wonderful deep, dark track!

Moshic – False Emotion (John 00 Fleming Remix)

On the remix duty you get some of the biggest names on the stage at the moment. First up is a man who needs no introduction, but is known for his superb melodies, psychedelic atmospheres and dry bass; It’s mr. John 00 Fleming. His remix continues the journey from the original mix introducing various effects, hats and deep drums and bass. The male chord is not used in the same way here as in the original, instead the focus lies on the main melody. The first 5 minutes is actually one big progression where a huge number of sounds are melted together in a beautiful way. It clearly got more power and energy than the original mix which you are to expect, but it doesn’t overdo it. Again you’ll get a short breakdown with not much going on as you hear from regular tracks today, instead it is being used as a build up to a beautiful climax. This is one fine remix!

Moshic – False Emotion (Airwave New School Breaks Mix)

Moving on from one big producer to another, the next remix comes from one of the biggest producers and DJ’s in trance history. Airwave is known for his fantastic, melodic tracks and, in more recent times, for his breaks remixes. Here he continues with his breaks journey and to be fair, he does it perfectly! The intro is fairly long, almost 2 minutes but is filled with effects and beats before introducing the main bass and hats. If you’ve heard any of his other breaks tracks you know what to expect: A huge remix filled with warm melody and atmosphere before hitting the breakdown. 1 minute after the breakdown begins the beats starts over and progresses onto the climax which is filled with atmosphere. To me this is the best remix in the package, well done mr. Airwave!

Moshic – False Emotion (Philthy Chit Remix)

The final remixer is new to me. Just before we had two of the biggest names on the stage, so I didn’t know what to expect from this one, but it is safe to say it really surprised me! (In a good way even!) This remix got, like the others, a fairly long intro on almost a minute. The beats are deep and dry and bass more vivid. The remix does a good job containing the main focus and originallity introducing various effects and chords. While the others, including the original mix, are all more than 8 minutes long, this one stops at the 7 minute mark, but it does a fantastic job on not taking anything away. The climax is more energetic than the original mix with a more clear melody, but it fits this remix very nice. A very fine job I must say!

Final Words:
To me this is one hell of a package. Not only does it include a superb, energetic remix by John 00 Fleming, a brilliant breaks remix by Airwave, but it also introduces me to a new producer while keeping the original Moshic sound. If you like Moshic’s previous tracks on Contrast you definitely shouldn’t miss this one. If I have to say one small thing about the release as a hole, I would have liked a bit more melody, but that’s just if I haveto say something.


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