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Win 2 Luminosity Beach Festival 2015 Weekend Tickets!

Are you ready for the summer? Only 2 months left before the Luminosity Beach Festival 2015! And now it’s your chance to win tickets for the party!

How time goes by… After a moderate start of spring everybody is looking forward to a long and sultry summer. And let’s face it: what better way than to go completely out of the roof on the beach, all day and night?

On Friday 26, Saturday 27 and Sunday June 28th, it’s finally the moment! After one year of waiting, Luminosity Events, known for its atmospheric trance events, brings to you for the 8th consecutive year the Luminosity Beach Festival 2015 at Beachclub Fuel, Bloemendaal aan Zee, The Netherlands.

There will be a great density of cocktails. The terrain is partly covered so the sun can be enjoyed and in case of less good weather dancing outside is still possible. Access to the beach will make you enjoy real freedom.

Get your tickets at:http://www.eventim.nl/LuminosityBeach2015
Weekend tickets in the presale are € 105 and the last day tickets are currently available for € 45, – to reserve via info [at] luminosity-events.nl

Contest! Win tickets for the Luminosity Beach Festival 2015!
If you want to win 2 weekend tickets for the Luminosity Beach Festival 2015, tell us which artist(s) you would like to see most and the winners will be announced here on Sunday May 10th !


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  1. PvD, Simon Patterson and all the classic acts.

  2. There are just too many good names on that list, but I will mention 3. My girlfriend and I Would love to see Solarstone, he made the track ‘Jewel’ which is ‘our track’ eversince we first heard it. Next to Solarstone I Would love to see Manuel Le Saux. Manuels album ‘First Light’ for me is the best Cd in my collection. unfortunately I have never had the honour to witness a liveset from this Italian master of uplifting trance. Last but certainly not least there’s Daniel Kandi. I follow him for a long time now and I’m glad he’s back after some time due to his poolcarreer and pcproblems. This is probably our last possible trance party before we are expecting a new trancefamily member in august .:) It would mean a lot if we can attend Luminosity once more and enjoy the music that brought us together and results in our little wonder.

    Tom & Yvon

  3. MARCO V,Patterson,Askew,Ben Nicky, Adam Ellis, Jordan Suckley,Kyau & Albert .. amongst all others..!

  4. Pvd, Patterson, Marco v but mainly Kearney! Continually improving all the time, his live sets are simply incredible!!

  5. Dying to see Thrillseekers, Signum, Rank 1, Driftmoon, Art of Trance and Photographer because I haven’t seen any of them live before but basically everyone!

  6. Bryan, Solarstone, Classsics sets; but anyway is perfect line up, so most of them 😉

  7. Standerwick and Reorder presents skypatrol an amazing duo, john askew, johan ekman, touchstone, adam ellis and darren porter

  8. Katarzyna Cichewicz

    my nr1 this year – Kyau & Albert with their classic set, my dream will come true 🙂
    + John Askew, Jordan Suckley, Allan Morrow & many others 🙂

  9. all djs from classic stage….thats always something special at luminosity

  10. Bryan Kearney, Photographer, John Askew, Temple One, Rank 1, Art Of Trance, The Thrillseekers, York

  11. Paul van Dyk, Solarstone, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ferty Tayle, Bryan Kearney and Ahmed Romel 😀

  12. In such a great lineup it is hard to pick up just some names but if I should name at least some it would be especially these: Solarstone, Roger Shah, The Thrillseekers, Simon O´Shine, Ferry Tayle, Driftmoon or Signum. Already can´t wait to be there, looking forward a lot!:-)

  13. Paul Van Dye, Bryan Kearney, Jordan Suckley, Ben Nicky

    But will be my first festival I’ll ever attend in Europe so I plan to make the most of it by seeing everyone

  14. The whole lineup is pure genius but the DJ at the top of my list is Photographer as I have been wanting to see him for a while now 🙂

  15. I like to see Bryan Kearney, Solarstone, Ram, The Thrillseekers,Kyau & Albert, and most off allGiuseppe Ottaviani and Aly & Fila:hail:

  16. I’m looking forward to see daniel kandi… And pleasseeee, he must play daniel kandi pres timmus – symphonica (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LzNYA9CYySU) then i will reach the end of the sky!!!!! I already feel my goosebumps….!!!!! <3

  17. The Thrillseekers :lub:

  18. Definitely Signum, always fantastic!
    and Ben Nicky

  19. The whole weekend will be amazing. Particularly looking forward to Roger Shah, Dan Stone, Allen Watts, Temple One, Driftmoon, Ahmed Romel, Rank 1, Daniel Kandi, Solarstone, Go, Ferrytayle. Yes, pretty much the whole lineup 🙂

  20. Darren Porter and Daniel Kandi because they both produce truly beautiful tunes.

  21. Absolutely everyone but if I have to be a little specific, Jordan Suckley, Thrillseekers and Signum.

  22. Daniel Kandi — for the euphoric uplifting sound
    Solarstone — for the more progressive, yet still uplifting sound
    Bryan Kearney — for the pounding tech sounds!

  23. Ferry Tayle, Sneijder, Darren Porter

  24. Neelix, Kearney, Patterson and Ben Nicky. Along with of course, “Mr.Scotland” Will Atkinson.

    Loving the harder/psy trance at the moment but as always, everyone will be AMAZING.

    Went to FSOE/Subculture weekender last year and the loaction for this event is SUPERB.

  25. There are so many artists on the lineup whom I want to see at Luminosity Beach Festival. But if I had to choose a select few (and I’m trying my hardest to filter the list), I must see:

    Simon O’Shine
    Johan Ekman
    Giuseppe Ottaviani
    John Askew
    The Thrillseekers
    Ahmed Romel
    Marco V
    Rank 1
    Kyau & Albert
    Art of Trance
    … What the heck. Everybody on Sunday that’s spinning a Classics set!

  26. The list is so amazing, it’s hard to choose any single one. I’ll give it my best, though! haha

    Bryan Fucking Kearney
    John Askew
    Indecent Noise
    John Dopping
    And absolutely every single classic set (Sunday is stacked)!

  27. I want to listen and to see Paul VAN Dyk,:listen: again.Last seen and heard him in 2012(Ukraine):crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2::crybaby2:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=827797777301551&set=p.827797777301551&type=1&theaterPlease give the ticket:love::hyp::clap::jump::yeah:

  28. Hello! Well I’m happy to join the contest, thank you for it by the way 🙂

    I absolutely want to see Basil O’ Glue because his music is so amazingly deep and brings me all the time on a great journey, perfect artist for a party on the beach.
    Paul Van Dyk also because he’s a master and I loved him long time ago way before Armin and others.
    I also love that festival because there is many “styles” and for the “harder” part I’d say I want to see Indecent Noise because he’s totally crazy in his music, able to play so many different stuffs in a hour, Kearney, Suckley, Askew and Atkinson, they will drive us totally nuts!
    The classic promises to be really good as well!

    It’s pretty rare in my country to see all of them at once and you’d make me a really happy girl if I have the chance to win the contest ^_^

  29. York & Art of Trance😆

  30. for me the main names are :
    the pure uplifting artists – Dan Stone, Temple One, Allen Watts, Simon O’Shine and Touchstone
    and the classic acts : Kyau & Albert classic set and York
    these are the names that you dont see often, especially these classical performances with Euphonic classics and York…would be really greateful for a VERY RARE opportunity to see them 🙂
    i guess the chance to hear K&A playing Euphonic classical set is a chance of a lifetime…so really hoping that it will turn out to be same great as Super8&Tab last year with Anjuna classics :p

  31. Glad to see so many members here hoping to win! 🙂

  32. PVD & Patterson for obvious reasons, Giuseppe never fails to hit the spot either. Also Kearney and Adam Ellis to take the tunes to the next level :o)

  33. My pick will probably be York. This guy doesn’t play every week at all, besides the Luminosity beach just calls for his set full of balearic music :tongue:

  34. Jordan Suckley, Will Atkinson, Neelix, Sneijder, Simon Patterson, Bryan Kearney & Paul Webster.

  35. I am looking forward to everyone but if I had to be more specific I would spent lot of time choosing the right one(s) that’s why everyone deserve to be heard 🙂

  36. I was many times at Lumi, not only on the summer editions, but this party is special for showing talent of the new or not too much known names. 🙂 So therefore I really LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE MR. TOUCHSTONE, ALLAN MORROW, ALLEN WATTS, DAN STONE, TEMPLE ONE + my beloved trance icons – Rich from Solar Stone, Kyau And Albert (these guys are so cool, they never change his typical sound after more than 15 years, which is quite spezial in comparison to some other producers and DJs; and it’s also cool that they will play his old hits and Anjuna classic stuff) and Mr. York aka Torsten Stenzel. Because he so talented and not many people maybe know that he also co-produced tracks with DJs like Ayla, Kai Tracid, Taucher or ATB….so if there will be the chance to hear all these tunes live, I simply wanna be there ! 🙂

  37. I love every dj on Lumi ! Lumi is the best ! The best party of the year !!

  38. Simon Todorovski

    Solarstone and Giuseppe , Standerwick and Reorder, Ahmed Romel, Simon O’Shine, Driftmoon, Will Atkinson , Rank 1 , The Thrillseekers, Manuel Le Saux…..

  39. Dikhtiar Sergii

    For me Luminosity it’s the best that can be in trance music! :lub:I remember about him every day and expect this summer like never! Among this list DJs,course most of all I want to hear the eternal classics performed by York,The Thrillseekers,Marco V,Judge Jules,Kyau&Albert,Rank 1,Marcel Woods,Signum,Art of Trance!:love::love::love: And of course I want to see the debut of Photographer! He is the pride of my country and I would be very happy during his set!:bezerk:

  40. Rank 1 Classic set is gonna be unbelievable. Also Marco V used to be my favourite dj so he will be great as well. Apart from the classics I really would love to see Daniel Kandi and Photographer.

  41. Vladimir Spirkoski

    Ahmed ROMEL, John ASKEW, JORDAN SuckleY, STANDERWICK, KEARNEY, PHOTOGRAPHER, ADAM ELLIS, Paul van Dyk, Sneijder…:yeah::headbanger4::sexy::headbanger2::fap2:



    • Vladimir Spirkoski

      Ahmed ROMEL, John ASKEW, SUCKLEY, STANDERWICK, KEARNEY, Paul van Dyk, Sneijder,Simon o’shine,Adam Ellis..:yeah::headbanger4::sexy: :headbanger2::yes:

  43. Vladimir Spirkoski

    Suckley Askew Atkinson Kearney Sneijder Le saux …

  44. Adam Ellis !!!

    Greetings from Serbia !!!

  45. And the lucky winner is [MENTION=34049]elibrown[/MENTION] !

    Please drop us an e-mail at info(at)luminosity-events.nl so we can confirm your guestlist spots.

  46. Congrats [MENTION=34049]elibrown[/MENTION] , Very jelous here!

  47. Thanks Trancefix for the tickets. Had a great weekend. Met a couple of Trancefix members, didn’t get their names unfortunately as the music was louder than we were speaking. The quality of the sets was top notch and it was nice to see some djs there who weren’t playing, just being part of the crowd. Roll on next year as we are definately coming back.

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