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WIN Paul van Dyk’s latest “Politics Of Dancing 3″

The Politics of Dancing is a compilation mix album of trance music, mixed by Paul van Dyk. The first volume was released in October, 2001. It was van Dyk’s first ever released mix album, and was followed by The Politics of Dancing 2 in 2005.

On confirming the news of POD’s return, van Dyk said: “after almost a decade I’m thrilled to find myself here today, on the threshold of bringing back The Politics of Dancing.
Fans have long told me that they felt that POD was unfinished PvD business. Over the last few years I’ve come to share that belief and in 2012 I decided it was time to address this. As a direct result of that I’ve found that ‘Politics 3’ has presented me with a wonderful opportunity. As well as some of my regular studio friends, it’s given me the chance to be able to work with many producers that I’ve long wanted to collaborate with. This has brought about music I’m tremendously excited about. I can’t wait to show you all what ‘The Politics of Dancing’ means 10 years after its last release!”

The album kicks off with “Heart Like An Ocean,” Paul’s collaboration with Godskitchen veteran Mark Eteson. In what could easily become a new classic trance track, “Heart Like An Ocean” is filled with bright, yet still melancholy synths, with traditional 132 BPM trance pacing and the sultry, crooning vocals of singer Tricia McTeague over a string heavy build. From there, the album continues on a journey full of luscious trance goodness as one pulsating track flows seamlessly into another, from the uplifting sounds of van Dyk’s remix of Mino Safy’s “Around the Garden,” to the festival ready “Come With Me,” (featuring Ummet Ozcan) to his high-intensity collaboration with Jordan Suckley “City of Sound.”

We are giving away ONE compilation to a random lucky winner! All you need to do is post your favorite Paul van Dyk track and we will announce the winner on May 26th. Goodluck everyone!

The Politics Of Dancing 3 by Paul Van Dyk is out now on:

iTunes http://smarturl.it/PoliticsOfDancing3
Amazon http://amzn.to/1zHIh5I
Spotify http://smarturl.it/POD3Spotify
Beatport http://btprt.dj/1zHLHVW


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  1. First post! :^^
    If you mean PvD’s favorite track EVER (and not only from the compilation), it would be definitely ‘Nothing But You’ with Hemstock & Jennings. This track actually brought me to his production. Another his great pieces are ‘Crush’ (with Second Sun), ‘New York City’ (with Starkillers, Austin Leeds and Ashley Tomberlin), ‘Another Way’ and ‘For An Angel’, of course. Yep, old Dyk is just a class! :yes:

  2. My favourite Paul van Dyk track has to be Forbidden Fruit with BT. His first two albums were landmarks in trance!

  3. Has to be New York City… This Track has a great meaning for me.

  4. My favourite PVD track is Paul Van Dyk Feat. Saint Etienne – Tell My Why (The Riddle) (Vandit Mix)


  5. My Favorite track of Paul van Dyk is ‘New York City’ (with Starkillers, Austin Leeds and Ashley Tomberlin)

  6. Time will always tell……..

  7. Angelos Solakidis

    well well well 😀 My favorite PvD track is

    Paul van Dyk ft Second Sun – Crush


  8. Very hard decision! Think I’d go for: Paul van Dyk – Forbidden Fruit (BT and PvD food of love mix)

    For us younger trancers it cultivates a very 90’s/early 2000’s feel that we never experienced!

  9. Such a difficult one. I’ll have to go with Nothing But You

  10. PvD Related:
    BT & Paul van Dyk – Namistai (or Namasté depending on record)

    From PvD’s own tracks, this was hard one. Remix for Love Stimulation? For An Angel? Forbidden Fruit? Words (For Love)? Another Way? Avenue? Crush? Nothing But You?

    But I eventually selected Connected

  11. We are tonight.

  12. Forbidden Fruit by PVD

  13. Has to be ‘Nothing But You’. What a tune! 🙂

  14. What happened to this? Who won?

  15. Congratulations to [MENTION=87868]mrx.friend[/MENTION] for winning this compilation!

    Please forward you full name and address by PM so I can arrange your shipment 🙂

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