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Vote now: Trancefix Remixcontest

Two months ago, we’ve started another episode of the Trancefix Remixcontest. This time we coöperate with Trance People Recordings by remixing Gagi & Maickel J – Prisoner of Past. With 9 remixes we already have a success in entries, now it’s time to vote for you. You can listen the entries below and vote until August 23rd 23:59 CEST.

Below are the remixes, sorted by submission date. Enjoy!
(if you want more of a playlist, check out the official group HERE)

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Hamza Messaoudi Remix)

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Numedian & Seven Modes Remix)

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Brno Remix)by @Brunoo

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Walid Adriano Remix)

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Vermont Cade Remix)by @vermont-cade

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Levi Mudhouse Remix)by @Thijs

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Nadi Sunrise Remix)by @Nadi van Trance

Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Nadi Sunrise ‘Summer’ Remix)


Gagi & MaickelJ – Prisoner Of Past (Gagi Remix)​ by me!

The voting system is simple. Just click on the picture below!
Note: You can only vote for one remix.

The voting closes 3 weeks from now, on 23rd August, 23:59 CEST.
Make sure to submit your votes by then.

Useful Links:
Trance People Recordings @ Facebook
Buy ‘Prisoner of Past’ @ Beatport
Prisoner of Past contest discussion topic @ Trancefix

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