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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights – Odyssey [Coldharbour Recordings]

One of the most quick rising and highly anticipated DJ/Producer duos out there is without a doubt the talented Turner brothers (Stuart and Ben) from Leeds UK which surely have had a grand year full of achievements. Becoming instantly known under their artist name “Arkham Knights“, they have already gained a place in the spotlight with their world famous single “Knightfall“. Following that success was their tech crunching single packing that infectious melody called “Legacy“. Becoming part of the “Schulz Music Group” (SMG) and playing in mighty cool events in venues around the world such as “Coldharbour Recordings Night” in Jakarta (Indonesia), “Coldharbour Recordings Night” in Los Angeles (U.S.A) and the “Transmission Pre-Party” in Prague (Czech Republic) they certainly did their very best in owning 2016.

Now they are back with a new single to delight our ears and infect our mind. Released on “Coldharbour Recordings” and already receiving a ton of support “Odyssey” is their latest masterpiece they release upon the world.
Forget everything you know and be prepared to be swept away by this intoxicating track. Aggressive, hopeful and packing a trance lead to die for this is how you dominate an audience.

Stranded on a beach shore, we awaken from our brief slumber with no recollection of how we arrived there. Head spinning and dazed from the hot sun burning down on us we steady ourselves on our sturdy feet. Memories come and go like flashes of lightning in the night, as we try to piece together fragments of our life and how we may have arrived at this foreign, non familiar land. A gentle breeze ruffles our hair and as though revived, the swift memory of our family appears for a brief moment vividly in our mind. Suddenly an undeniable urge awakens in the depths of our soul and the craving to be reunited with our family becomes the driving force that takes us through a wide assortment of mishappenings and adventures to finally be able to reach our homeland and embrace our loved ones once more, even if it is only for mere moments. We do just that. Traveling aboard ships with dark sails on treacherous seas, hiking through forests and lonely roads in the wilderness, braving the rain and cold with only weapon our inner most desire to set eyes on them once again. At last weary but joyous we arrive at the door of our humble abode. The door is flung open and in a flash we are embraced wholeheartedly from all sides with shouts of joy. We are finally home.

A track not to be taken lightly as it offers serious competition to all tracks that we held dear to us this year. A voyage like no other into the techy, enthralling world of the “Arkham Knights“.

Label:Coldharbour Recordings


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