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TranceFix Review: Jak Aggas – Subversion [Rielism]

Newcastle DJ & Producer Jak Aggas is no newcomer to Sied van Riel his very own label! This young man surprised us all with a beautiful remix of Arnej Vs 8 Wonders – Together We Will Rise earlier this month, and yet again he’s back with another gem! Keep an eye out for this upcoming talent, as he’s on fire!

The Review

Subversion has everything you could expect of a modern uplifter! A powerful kick , subtle percussion and of course a strong bass line. The short but solid introduction will definitely get you in the mood for the main course, which is served with a huge amount of delicious melody. It’s hard to create a stand out production nowadays with so much music being released on thousand different labels, and let’s be honest 80% is below average. This production definitely belongs to the rare 20% for me. It got all the elements I love, and it will most likely not be an instant classic, but who cares? It’s a great little uplifter produced by someone who understands the concept of modern Trance.


A solid uplifter which will be loved in a club for sure. Jak has a great feel for uplifting trance, and this is a prime example for that. Can’t wait to hear more of his stuff later this year!

7.5 / 10

Release Date: 6th of feb 2017


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  1. Proper banging uplifter :headbang:

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