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TranceFix Review: UCast & Magnus – Echo [FSOE]

What happens when two dynamic producers join forces? An epic mind blowing track is instantly born. Each with their own array of unique sounds and ever flowing ideas together as one, they forged something truly special in the studio.
American DJ/Producer “Magnus” is without a doubt a master of psy-trance and he has demonstrated this fact thoroughly in his body of work. Whether it is collaborating with fellow producers or adding his special touch to his remixes, he is someone who continues to turn numerous heads in the scene. His own originals have had a vast success and have received major support while he has also had the honor of playing at some of the coolest events and festivals around the world. Highlights include “Burning Man“, “Dreamstate” and “Gatecrasher Rebooted“.

UCast” from Belarus has had a pretty great run so far as well. Indulging in his passion for pure quality trance music he has created many uber cool tracks and remixes, all gaining him respect from his peers and numerous plays on their radio shows and live appearances. He also has had vast success in djing as well. His first major break being when he played along with “Sander Van Doorn” at “Godskitchen Belarus“. Nothing can stand in his way and this will prove to be another prominent year for him as an artist.

Their joint endeavor has been released on the “Future Sound of Egypt” (FSOE) owned by the Egyptian mega artists “Aly and Fila“. The track is called “Echo” and is an uplifting trancer of epic proportions. Packing a huge dose of energy combined with emotional melodies and haunting female vocal snippets, it is without a doubt a track that sneakily gets under your skin and generates your mind with images of faraway lands.

Upon the dawn of a new day we venture into a mystic land of legends, myths, Pharaohs and ancient beliefs. Endless golden sand as far as the eye can see lays out before us.
The sun appears like a tiny red burning sphere in the distance ascending at a rapid pace as if eager to make its appearance upon the land below. Our guide has promised to take us to a forgotten temple, long lost to humanity, only recently unraveled by sheer chance alone. We make our way through the emptiness before us excited to witness for ourselves what had been lost in time and the high dunes of sand, now revealed to the world like a prize possession of an ancient kingdom. We move swiftly and vigorously seated high atop our camels who graciously serve as our vessels throughout this harsh desert landscape. It appears we are in a race against the mighty red sun god as it too rises quickly, eager to beat us to the finish line. So it does and we begin to feel its warm caress upon our very face. In the far distance a temple made of stone chiseled boulders appears like a mirage, tempting us, beckoning us to come hither. At last we arrive at this place of rare wonder built by the the craftsmen of old and peer upon it with awe and profound admiration taken aback by its splendor. How many lost souls have traveled to this holy place of worship and what tales may this place hold or secrets lost vanishing like voices upon the wind.

An extra special aural artifact crafted with love and care by two very promising artists.
Snatch this one up and witness your emotions flowing whenever you give it a play.



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  1. Solid trance tune imo! Love it.

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