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TranceFix Interview with Nifra

There are quite a few artists in the dance music scene who are charismatic and full of life, living every day according to their passion for music. One of these artists is Nikoleta Frajkorova from Slovakia. Known among her peers and ever growing circle of fans as “Nifra“, she has embraced and has been mesmerized by the wondrous world of dance music from a tender age.

Following her heart and inner instinct she set forth to follow her dream of becoming a DJ/Producer. Even though the road to greatness is a long and hard one with many twists and turns, her utter determination and pure talent has got her further than she may have ever imagined, thinking about it years back.

What a journey it has been since 2008 when she made her first steps in the scene as a DJ. Slowly but steadily she built a name for herself and has played for events such as “Ultra Music Festival” in Miami (U.S.A), “Dreamstate” in New York (U.S.A) and several “Coldharbour Recordings Nights” alongside Markus Schulz and her fellow Coldharbour Recordings family artists. In addition to all that she hosts her own radio show “Rebel Radio” which always has quite a turnout on the airwaves and has had critical acclaim and love as a producer as well. Her “Dark Harbour” E.P on “Coldharbour Recordings” was a huge hit and so were many more tracks such as “Rampage” (her collaboration with ex “Tucandeo” artist Danny Cullen now known as “Artisan“), her collaboration with Singer/Songwriter “Seri” on “Army Of Lights“, her smashing remix of “Dimension’s” “Mangata” and of course her most recent single “Rebel“.

Continuing on her quest to bring her distinct dark progressive trance sound to the populous, we are sure to witness her in her element shining like the brightest star in a starlit sky.

Thank you so much Nikoleta for taking time to do this exclusive interview with me for It has been a joy and an honor!

Question 1:

Could you share with us the tale of how you became part of the Coldharbour Recordings family?

Sure! As many of you know I’ve been a huge fan of the label for many years, even before I signed my first record to Coldharbour recordings. I guess some things are meant to be and the Coldharbour sound always been my favorite. I love the variety, it can be techy, progressive, melodic but the foundation is still there and you can quickly recognize it. I’ve also always had Markus Schulz’ support so it was just a matter of time… When I was asked to join Schulz music group, I also became a firm member of the family and I’m super proud of that.

Question 2:

What was your biggest dream growing up and had you ever imagined life would bring you down this path?

As a little girl I wanted to become an archeologist and explore the world and later when I was 13 years old I decided I will be a producer and DJ. So that actually was my biggest dream. My parents were not to keen as they wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer, you know, something respectable. No one really understood my obsession with music but it became such a big part of me that I couldn’t let go and I had to do everything to make it happen.

Question 3:

What has been your biggest highlight of your career and which has been a treasured moment that you will always hold dear to you?

I think the moment when I signed with “Schulz Music Group“. It took my career to the next level and it really was the moment when everything changed for me.

Question 4:

To this day you have a great career as a DJ and producer as well. Which do you enjoy the most out of the two and which would you choose if you had to pick only one?

This is a question we get a lot but there is just one answer to it. Both!
There is no better feeling than playing a song that you ve been working on really hard and seeing the crowd’s reaction. Those two are really connected. Only people who actually perform in front of hundreds or thousands of people can understand how much adrenaline you get from the crowd. Production process is something different, it’s where you can express your emotions and put them into the music.

Question 5:

2016 was certainly a grand year for you as we saw you releasing your ecstatic single “Rebel”, playing at numerous events around the world and being selected to remix one of Markus Schulz’s tracks from his new artist album:“Watch The World” {Love Me Like You Never Did (feat.Ethan Thompson)}. What can we expect from you in 2017 which has only just begun?

More music of course ! There will be a new vocal single from me, which I can’t say much about yet and definitely a couple of exciting collaborations. I’m just on my way to USA as I’m performing on the “Groove Cruise” with the Coldharbour crew and will be staying in Miami for 4 weeks to work on music. From what I see right now in the calendar there are shows coming up in The Netherlands, Slovakia, Canada and USA!

Question 6:

As a producer which is your favorite go to “daw” and vsts (virtual instruments) when creating your music?

I’ve been using Abletonfor years and I know it inside out. I can work really fast with it, I’m using it on the road as well for edits, mixes etc. I’m glad I switched from adesktop imac toamacbook, It feels like I’m in my own little world wherever I am. As far as the plugins go, you can hear in my music Sylenth, Spire, Serum, Omnisphere for example and for processing I use different stuff from Fabfilter, Waves, T-racks and Ozone.

Question 7:

If you could choose to collaborate with anyone from the whole dance music scene who would it be and why?

That’s a hard question as I look up to a lot of producers from different genres. Guy J, Eric Prydz, Ambassadeurs, Com Truise..that’s just some of them. There is seriously so much good music out there!

Question 8:

Which five tracks do you regard as all time favorites and for what reason?

I always go back to those songs which have a very strong vibe going on. I don’t know how to explain it, it makes you feel something you never felt before, if that makes sense? Here are some of my all time faves:

James Holden & Julie Thompson-Nothing (93 Returning mix)

This is a song in a league of its own. The first time I heard this I had no idea about production but I knew the sound was extremely unique and to this day I consider this one of the best progressive trance songs. If you remember my song “Dark Harbour”, those claps used as fx with very long reverb tail and heavily sidechained, that idea comes from this song.

Ridgewalkers ft El-Find (Andy Moor remix)

At that time I was discovering progressive trance, which was something completely new to me. Andy’s sound definitely stood out. Again amazing production!

Ronski Speed ft Sir Adrian vs Rex Mundi-The Perspective Space (Markus Schulz mashup)

For me it’s always about that first listen. This goes for Basic Perspective. You know I love good basslines and this has everything, the groove, the bass and the vibe. The haunting Sir Adrian vocal makes it an ultimate anthem.

Synergy-Hello Strings

Another big progressive trance classic and again my kind of bassline progression. Do I need to explain what this song does to me? 🙂

Markus Schulz-Without You Near

You can’t talk about my top favorite songs without mentioning at least one Markus Schulztune. Listening to his first album was an eye opener for me and the first single was Without you. The plucks and the vibe is just heavenly. His sound impacted onme so much. If I only knew at that time what was the future holding for me🙂

Question 9:

Due to your career you have had the opportunity to travel to foreign lands all over the world.
Which has been your favorite place to visit and where would you like to travel to in 2017?

I played some really amazing shows last year especially in the United States and Canada. I got to know my fans over there and they are such lovely people. Every time I go back I feel insanely happy. I was even thinking of moving there, as last year for example I spent nearly 3 months in the states alone. Particularly cities like Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Montreal in Canada have a special place in my heart.
In the future I would definitely like to explore Australia and South America. I’ve never performed in the UK as well, so fingers crossed its all going to happen this year.

Question 10:

Are you into discovering new lands and cultures, experiencing their cuisine and becoming one with their lifestyle? If so where did you go where you were most impressed and felt curious to explore it all?

This is the fun part about traveling and us DJs often don’t have the opportunity to explore the city where we play so when it actually happens I’m always super excited and I try to do a little research before I go. I really enjoy my time in Asia for example as I love the food and also the culture. The people are always very warm and welcoming there. Two years ago I had a month long tour in Indonesia, so I can say I’ve seen some bits of it. The temples in Bali are magical. It’s always good if you have someone local showing you around like last year in Vietnam for example. I had a list of things I wanted to do and try and even my guide who was local saw some places for the first time 🙂 I will also never forget watching the sunset on the most silent beach I have ever been to on the Borneo Island. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a paradise and I’m very thankful for all those experiences and that I’m able to see the world through djing.

Question 11:

What do you enjoy doing when not in the studio or entertaining large crowds with your performances? Any other hobbies or favorite pass times?

For the past two years I’ve been doing a lot of gym. It’s a relax for the body and mind, after sitting countless hours on the plane and in the studio. When I’m really bored I turn on my PS4 or watch a good movie and I love to bake from time to time and play table tennis.

Question 12:

How is the dance music scene in Slovakia and do you feel the trance movement is on the rise there now that you are their trance ambassador to the world so to speak?

It’s actually getting better every year. We’ve had so many massive events there including ASOT, Armin Only, Transmission, and fantastic big or small club events which put Slovakia firmly on the trance map. Trance became really really popular over the years. When I started it was the complete opposite, but I’m proud to witness the change and this year I’m part of something big in my hometown. I can’t say much about it right now but it’s just another sign how much our little country has progressed.

Question 13:

As a female artist you have had to hurdle over many more obstacles than male artists to prove yourself.
How does it feel to have become a force to be reckoned with within the scene and be able to empower and encourage more women to follow their dreams and make good use of their talents?

I never knew I would get that far. At the start this was just a dream of a little 13 year old girl. Being stubborn proved to be quite a handy character and giving up was not an option even though it wasn’t an easy journey and probably loads of people would quit half way through. At the end of the day I’m glad that I chose the longer, harder path because the past two years have been the best of my life. And I hope that I’m inspiring other women in pursuing their dreams, the sky is the limit 🙂

Question 14:

Your live mixes are always tremendously good and enjoyed by fans and fellow artists. Are there any plans in the near future for a DJ mix compilation? Perhaps on Coldharbour Recordings?

And I enjoy doing those mixes myself. You know djing is not only about mixing two songs together, its much more and you can get very creative with it too. That’s why I started to do the live mini sessions with the first one in Miami back in October. I would absolutely love to make a compilation, you have to bug Coldharbour to let me do one 😉

Question 15:

I am sure may wondered (myself included) about the origin of your artist name you chose for yourself (Nifra). Could you please share with us its meaning?

Funny thing is I’ve used this name since my bedroom DJ days 🙂 I wanted something that was unique and no one else used so I combined the first 2 letters of my first name and 3 letters of my surname. It sounded pretty good so I began to use it and it stayed with me till now.

Question 16:

Every year one of the biggest and most respected indoor dance music festivals in the world “Transmission” takes place in Prague and entertains thousands with its explosive lineup of artists for one special night. With Markus Schulz being their resident and theme creator, have you or any other Coldharbour artist been invited to play in this year’s installment?

I performed on two pre-parties for Transmission, and also the main event in Bratislava in 2014. It always gets absolutely crazy during that weekend. Everyone is literally celebrating, coming from all over the world to Prague. Of course I would love to be back on the massive stage again, who knows 🙂

Question 17:

A mighty collaboration was with Markus Schulz on “The Creation” dedicated to Prague and adored by numerous fans around the world. A very special track in which both of your sounds are evident and recognizable. Must been an honor to work alongside him and have fun in the studio. Could you share with us the story behind it?

As you know Markus is a busy guy so we never really sat in the studio together. Instead, we were sending the project file back and forth and that’s how “The Creation” was born. It was an incredible feeling when Markus took me on stage during his performance at Transmission while he played the theme. I cant even describe it. It’s definitely one of the biggest moments of my career. I actually got some messages that some fans got a little tear during that moment. The song touched so many people 🙂

Question 18:

Could you please share with us a funny story from your life or perhaps something few know about you as a person?

One of the most embarrassing moments on tour was when I first performed in Italy 3 years ago. The promoter took us to an amazing pizzeria and I’m a big fan of pepperoni pizza, so of course I ordered that. Not knowing the language I had no idea that in Italy it means bell pepper pizza. And the one thing you should know about me is that I don’t like bell peppers. So I got my pizza full of paprika and I was like ok that’s not what I wanted and I ordered pepperoni pizza again 😀 The second time I got the same pizza people finally explained and everyone laughed at me. Indecent noise is the witness 😛

_________________the end_________________________________________________

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