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TranceFix Review: Somna & Sarah Russell – Story Untold [RNM]

Canadian producer Somna (Benjamin Leung) has got a lot of experience under his belt, what’s proven by a history of releases on most of the major Trance labels.
His career spans over a decade of work under different aliases and collaborative projects.
The man had enjoyed significant successes, such as reaching #1 on Beatport and staying in the top 10 for three following weeks. That’s what he achieved with the track ‘One Thing About You’ which was co produced with Andy Moor and featured the voice of Amy Kirkpatrick. The same track also won the 2015 award for the most streamed Trance track on Beatport.
Benjamin’s work got support from Armin Van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Markus Schulz, Andy Moor, Lange, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Paul Oakenfold, Cosmic Gate and many more…

Sarah Russell is a UK based singer/songwriter who played alongside talents such as Ellie Goulding, toured with Owl City, before being introduced to Adrian Raz recordings, thanks to Ellie Lawson (EDM singer).
Sarah’s vocals then made it to A State Of Trance 2013 compilation, featured on the track ‘Dream State’ with Two&One.
Other producers she worked with, include Estiva, Daniel Kandi, Philippe El Sisi and Eximinds.

Story Untold

The release consists of three mixes: the Original, Radio Edit and a Dub, which is basically an instrumental version (still retains tasty vocal chops).
Somna himself posted on Facebook, that he had worked with Sarah for over one year on this single.
That’s definitely reflected in the quality of the track. After pressing the play button, it takes only a few seconds, before the magic starts to happen.
The atmosphere smoothly builds on multiple layered pads and gorgeous vocal chops. As the intro part progresses, the vocals make a brief appearance, shortly fading away to reveal a beautiful heart striking pluck which is accompanied by warm, summery piano lines. Delicious!

At about two and a half minutes in, comes the soothing, breeze-on-the-beach breakdown.
Gentle acoustic guitar tones, combined with Sarah’s voice, let the listener relax and forget about the world around.
After a while of relaxing bliss, the feet are invited to move. Hats tap in, and the filters open, giving the synths more air to create some euphoria.
Main part lets the goods off the leash, without throwing unnecessary bits on top. Somna has not overdone it with the big room stuff.

Another nice thing in this track is that the certain parts – intro, breakdown, build up, climax, outro, have very well balanced proportions. Nothing goes on for too short or too long,
although such statements are probably a matter of taste.
Anyway, as the climax comes to an end and the listener expects a standard boring transition to the outro part, the ears get a nice treat in form of a little breakdown.
Sadly after it, the melodic elements start dissappearing one after another, to finally end in silence..

Certainly, “Story Untold” is a very pleasant release, representing the modern Trance sound in a good way. Remember tracks like Ecstasy or Hard To Cure by ATB?
If you’ve liked those, then you will likely enjoy the result of Somna & Sarah Russell’s work.

Highlights: Sarah Russell’s vocal, warm atmosphere, gorgeous melodies (that pluck!)

Release date (Beatport exclusive): 06.02.2017
The Radio Edit and Dub versions will be released on the 20th of February.

Label: RNM

Buy: http://classic.beatport.com/release/story-untold/1937628

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