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TranceFix Review: Tangle feat. Suzy Solar – Europa [Universal Nation]

You got to love collaborations between fellow artists in the dance music scene, especially when they are as good as this one, laying all their skills and cards on the table. In this mighty single we find American producer Evan Dackerman, mostly known as “Tangle” in the dance music scene teaming up with fellow American DJ/Producer and vocalist “Suzy Solar“.

Evan has become an artist to keep an eye on, particularly for his eclectic blend of sounds and styles ranging from Tech Trance to Uplifting and Psy-Trance. Having played in grand scale clubs of the state of Colorado as well as regular shows in Miami, Seattle, Chicago and Wyoming he hasn’t stopped there, getting his flight hours in to exciting destinations such as the UK, Malaysia and the white isle of Ibiza. Gaining respect from some of the biggest names in the scene and setting up his own label “Tangled Audio” are just few of his array of accolades.

Suzy Solar is the pure definition of an artist that can truly do it all. Achieving wide success in everything she has ventured into, she is without a doubt an artist who lives and breathes for the music she loves to play and create. Charismatic and purely communicative with the crowd during her explosive sets, she also manages and curates her own label “Solar Power Music” and hit radio show “Solar Power Sessions“. Co-producing major trance releases such as “Ocean of Love” with “Miss Shiva” and “Samurai” with “Thomas Bronzwaer” (aka Arizona) and even hosts major events across the U.S.A bringing some of the most diverse artists to play along with her, driving the crowd to a frenzy. Needless to say this is an artist of the highest caliber.

These two sat down and created the uplifter you have before you. “Europa” is a track that carries a strong, powerful lead, embedded with an old school trance flavor similar to the legendary “Gamemaster” by Matt Darrey’s wide sprung alias “Lost Tribe“. Suzy’s fantasy like vocals found within add that extra touch to a dreamlike heaven.

The marvel of wide open space beckons to us as we mere mortals gaze up at the ever tilting planets above appearing to us as blinking tiny specs of light lost in the sky. As a child we always were intrigued and fascinated by the wonders of our ever changing cosmos. Little did we know that after years of pondering and observing them with loving dedication we too would grasp that slim chance of witnessing all the wonders of our universe for ourselves. The day we had been waiting for since we were young has arrived at last and we can hardly contain the excitement within us. Beaming with joy we ascend magnificently into the sky, not much different than the very first explorers in search of the new world, for that is precisely the quest we have embarked upon.
Our journey is long but full of mystery and zeal to discover and explore worlds of space that may not be so different from the blue planet we call home. Heart’s beating fast and suited up for the occasion we exit our aerial ship’s door and begin to take our first footsteps like an infant on such a world, far far away from home.
What shall we discover? Will there be alien life forms or any forms of vegetation? Will we be proud ambassadors of earth and discover a new world we can settle and prosper on? All these questions and thoughts encycle our mind at warp speed as we take our first stroll upon this world of mystery. What we shall discover may lead to the greatest discovery of all time and we will have the honor of being there front and center.

An enticing track that will grab any dance lover’s attention from the very first moment. Go on and add this one to your collection and enjoy the trip.

Label:Universal Nation


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