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A State of Trance Festival 2017

Looking over the past few years, where I have been a regular visitor of the ASOT festival, this year has definitely been the cherry on the cake. The stages, the dj’s, the atmosphere – it all subsided to one big family gathering.

Fact of the matter is if one is a considerable trance enthusiast, the ASOT festivals can be a bit overwhelming. The venue is humongous and screams, “wear your most comfortable sneakers or you will die”. The massive amounts of dj’s that are booked also become a pain in the ass, as one simply does not know how to start planning the evening. Yes, many thorns are to be overcome when one is planning such an outrageous event. Being up front – this review will not linger on the logistic matters (how many of those do we really need?) but more so on the PLUR side of things.

What was going on?

Considering the massive and international line-up, I was determined to experience a select handful of dj’s that I knew would rock my evening. The night started out on a mellow note, as we dutchies like to say “ de kat uit de boom kijken”, which simply means exploring the venue, checking out the logistics and tasting the somewhat still distraught ambience. The evening was commenced by Super8 & Tab, followed by RAM, MARLO, Vini Vici and obviously ending with Armin’s Vinyl set (now this was a must for me, after last years disastrous debacle).

RAM and Armin’s vinyl set were the absolutely, most definitely, the best sets for me personally. RAM (and forgive me here for being a bit biased as I do know the guy personally) started out his set with an energy that words just cannot describe. He managed to place us in a bubble that forfeit all emotions and ended with a blast of awesomeness. Besides playing the classics, he touched base on some fusion sounds that catered even to music lovers not familiar with his usual sound.

Armin’s vinyl set was obviously packed all the way with classics, sending the crowd up and down memory lane and created the ultimate PLUR experience.

So what made this year different? The four stages were well organized, the floor planning was formidable and even the one-way routes did not bother me. Perhaps it was the company that I was in, or perhaps the few selected dj’s I was determined to experience – all in all ALDA managed to establish an evening that ended up catering to all sorts of music fanatics. The slogan “I live for that energy” was well executed and managed to hook me up on that #asotfest wagon back again!

All I can say for now is; Thanks for having us!



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