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TranceFix Review: Adam White – Ballerina (Scott Bond & Charlie Walker Remix) [REBOOTED]

An artist that has always been a dominant force in the UK scene and beyond, Scott Bond has educated us for many years what a proper trance DJ set should sound like. Whether having the good fortune to attend one of his legendary “Gatecrasher” nights and witnessing the divine energy for yourselves or simply by playing and replaying his flawless DJ mix compilations by the same brand, he has certainly had a say in shaping the scene as we know it. Many trance tracks that are now considered classics were championed by Scott, bringing them to our attention.

Charlie Walker is of no exception. A firm believer in the classic trance sound he and Scott often join forces in the studio with the end result being something not short of amazing. Testament to the fact?

Their remix of “Home” by “Coast 2 Coast feat.Discovery“, their original track “Apocalypse” or the highly anticipated remix of “Imagine” by “John Lennon” (which was finally given out as a free download) are all testaments to the previous statement.

Keeping true to the classic trance flavors that he adores, Scott along with his partner in crime (Charlie Walker) have taken the classic trance sound and enriched it with elements found in today’s trance movement. Cleverly conjuring up the formula to a modern day ultra classic. The same recipe of success has been applied to their new remix of Adam White’s classic track “Ballerina“, which was a definite hit in 2005 and considered unique due to its operasque nature and classical music soundscapes and hypnotic female vocals.

We find ourselves in a huge orange tent packed with an enormous crowd of people. The entertainment at hand is something the likes of which we have never seen before. Lights zoom past us to heighten the atmosphere while figures in tight suits of black and yellow attempt the impossible. Defying gravity and death itself, artists to the core, fearlessly plunging into the air while mere mortals would shudder at the thought of doing this themselves. True to their art, they stay focused and give the crowd the show of a lifetime. All the while their faces as if set in stone, seem to be moved by the music that fills the room. Each act is like a sort of of play and greater than the last. These death defying artists show us all what it truly feels like to be completely dedicated to an art. When the final act is played out in a kind of theatrical crescendo, the audience bursts out clapping furiously, bringing the glory of a lifetime to these living legends.

Edgy, pumping and dynamic as they come, this shall get your senses tingling from the aural experience at hand.

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