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TranceFix Review:Markus Schulz pres.Dakota & Koen Groeneveld – Mota Mota [Coldharbour Recordings]

Markus Schulz is without a doubt one of the hardest working artists in dance music. His passion for it is so great that he juggles everything he loves with equal care and like an experienced and precise multi talented entertainer gets it all done with an extreme level of accuracy, amazing us every time. Whether he is busy running his label “Coldharbour Recordings“, playing grand DJ sets all over the world or indulging himself in his new found appeal to songwriting, as he demonstrated in his excellent artist album (“Watch The World“) he conquers everything he has set his mind to. His most beloved alias, the “Dakota” guise has been in high demand by the public and as an artist who never lets down his fans, Markus indulges us all and will soon bestow upon us the return of the mighty Dakota sound in a third artist album under that alias. (The two previous ones being:“Thoughts Become Things I and II”). The third installment is called:”The Nine Skies” and from what it seems it shall be something truly magical.

The first single from the album is presented here, giving us a taste of what is about to follow. Its name is “Mota Mota” and he has teamed up with German techno artist “Koen Groeneveld” for this. A track that certainly showcases each artist’s sound, blending them together in perfect harmony. Techno infused vibes blended seamlessly in a dark, moody, almost spine tingling sound all the while enhanced with a menacing atmosphere.

We find ourselves catapulted head first into a high tech futuristic world. Setting one foot in front of the other we begin to explore this city before us, driven by curiosity and wonder. It seems things did not work out too well in the future we notice, peering up at the once blue sky which now resembles a faded gray with hues of black. Even the sun seems to have abandoned us and the world tends to be a somewhat cold, industrialized place. Everywhere we look we see strange contraptions as well as mechanical beings roaming the asphalt streets. All this appears out of the ordinary for us and we continue on our journey in search of a human soul to share a few words with. Everyone and everything moves in high speed almost as if programmed to do so by a grand laboratory in charge of it all. At last we encounter another human in this desolate place. He begins to inform us about how it all came to pass and how the present we knew became their past and they have now learned to live like this not being able to do otherwise. We are alarmed, shocked and overwhelmed by it all but just as we get to the juiciest part of all, a high pitched sound swarms the air like a jet gliding across the sky. Everything seems to turn, fade, dissolve. We open our eyes and realize it was all but a glimpse into a somewhat possible future.

Having experienced this one being played out live by Markus himself I must say that the power and infectious groove it holds gets under your skin, making you move instantly as if controlled by an unseen force.


Label:Coldharbour Recordings

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