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TranceFix’s Talks All Things Outburst With Mark Sherry

Everyone loves a comeback story, but it’s all the sweeter when it happens to someone who’s not only a top, top fella, but also brings such heart and authenticity to the scene. Such a man is Mark Sherry, who lives the tech side of trance like few others. We caught up with him last week for a chat about the release of his Outburst 500 album and other matters…

Hi Mark, thanks for speaking to TranceFix today. Where do we find you and how are things in the world of Outburst at the moment?

Mark: I’m really great thanks guys! Feeling a bit jetlagged today after getting back from Seattle at the weekend, but that’s pretty much a standard feeling for a Monday – hoho!

How important is it for you to reach a landmark such as 500?

Mark: It’s been a 10-year period of my life so it’s kind of a big deal to me personally. Very happy and proud to have made it this far. So here’s to the next 10, I guess! 😉

On reaching 500 shows (if you could!), looking back, what would be the one thing you’d tell yourself the day you put the Outburst001 show together!?

Mark: Just not to get caught up in too much bullsh*t that you read online and not to worry about what other DJ’s and producers are all doing round about you. I would have told myself to have more self-belief and to be a bit more patient and also to not get as frustrated when things don’t quite go your way. It’s easy looking back though, right? A crystal ball would have been a fine thing to have at the time!

The ‘Outburst 500’ album is very fine indeed. Was it as fun to put together as you imagined it would be?

Mark: Yeah it’s been a lot of fun but also a LOT of hard work. It took months of planning but I’m feeling very proud of the final product. That feeling you get when you can eventually hold the final and finished physical product in your hand is always a special moment!

What do you have coming up on Outburst and which of those can we hear on the Future Fire disc of the compilation?

Mark: Well out of my own new material I have my latest collab single with the 2nd Phase lads which is called ‘Killer Twist. It’s on the album and is out now actually. Plus I’ve also done a rework of Max Graham & Estiva’s ‘Generation’ collab that will be out soon on Outburst. There are some really big unreleased monster tech-trancers from Lostly, David Forbes, Stephen Kirkwood & Frank Dueffel, Ikorus, Richard Durand, Indecent Noise, Vlind and Paul Denton to name a few…but you’ll need to check out the album to hear those!      

You have something of a habit of bringing back into the label light some of your personal heroes. (We’re thinking about people like Scot Project, Mario Piu, Marco V and others here). What’s your primary motivation in doing that?

Mark: Who wouldn’t want to sign some of their heroes?! It’s a huge honour for me to have these guys on Outburst, and you can expect to hear a lot more from them too – plus some other big names that I’ve been working on too. J Outburst is all about tech-trance, as you know, so I’ve been trying to build up my own roster of very talented yet relative newcomers alongside the more established tech-trance guys – and also some of the legends that you’ve already mentioned. Marco and Mario actually approached me, so you can imagine how I felt when I received those emails! 🙂

If you could coax another artist of the same ilk to record for Outburst, who would it be?

Mark: Mauro Picotto, Sander van Doorn or Marcel Woods would all be super cool additions to the roster.

Which is the one track on the Tech Gold mix that the disc really wouldn’t have been the same without!?

Mark: Aw maaaaaaan…erm, that’s a very hard question to answer. I can’t narrow it down to just 1 track, so I’ll say Marco V ‘Godd’, Marcel Woods ‘Advanced’, Megamind ‘Taub’, Igor S ‘Boomerang’ and JOOP ‘The Future’ all hold a very special place in my heart. I’ve seen them all completely wreck and destroy dancefloors all over the world for a very long time now!  

Cheat answer, but we’ll let it slide! Outburst has really proved to be your renaissance. Obviously you had great belief going into it. Did you really think it’d succeed to the degree that it has?

Mark: I had a lot of belief in the label because when I launched it back in 2014, I felt that dance music scene was at an all time low with its rise of the EDM scene. I hated this kind of cheap, trashy and soul-less music that I was hearing absolutely everywhere, so I felt that it was the perfect time to launch Outburst Records, an idea which I had been toying around with for several years. I’m very surprised at how much the label has grown over the last 3 years and now with the addition of Techburst Records and most recently Outburst Twilight, I feel like I’ve got all bases covered for trance, tech-trance, techno and psy. The Outburst events are really taking off too, so I feel like I’m in a good place right now. I couldn’t feel happier!

That is very good to hear indeed, Mark. Long may it continue! Thanks for talking to us and all the best with the album and tour!

Mark: Thanks for having me guys, really appreciated!






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  1. top shelf artist along with the outstanding label , it has never dissapointed my ears once for the last 10 plus years, in fact people always seem to show a passion of what is it that they are listening to mostly whenever its being played here , always a fresh sense of a liveset / track / podcast its almost even hard to keep up with thats something if you ask me. godspeed to all of it.

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