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TranceFix Review: Dan Thompson-Culture [FSOE Excelsior]

What a year the past one has been for Dan. This creative genius from England that knows no bounds, has dance music running through his veins and is an artist that literally can not sit still. Churning out track after track with a zeal and energy that can not be harnessed. Production wise last year he offered us anthems such as “Aero” (his collaboration with “Solis and Sean Truby”), his remix of “Shivers” by “Armin Van Buuren feat.Susana” and his collaboration with “Talla 2xlc” called “Velocity“. A torrent of new and exciting releases are underway from “Coldharbour Recordings” to “Future Sound of Egypt“. Needless to say he has had major support from numerous artists in the scene which fuels him to venture on even further.

His new single is dubbed “Culture” and is released on one of dance music’s most distinguished labels:”FSOE” (Future Sound of Egypt). Melodic, banging, euphoric, tightly packed with positive vibes and an outburst of energy that fuels the very soul.

Since childhood we have dreamt big and have been striving through the years to get to follow our passion. Hard work and perserverance have been there from our part as we trained hard and long for our chance to compete. At last all the training, sweat, blood and tears have payed off. We have been called upon to compete, representing our nation in the sport we adore. We find ourselves on the track, dressed for the occasion as a crazy amount of fans and enthusiasts watch from the highest seats of the stadium, the sun shining down upon us all. Excitement builds within like tiny butterflies fluttering inside us. Anticipation and fear are added to the mix but no one may notice, as our exterior is as if chiseled by solid stone. The shot is fired and away we go amongst our fellow athletes. We all run like the hounds of hell are at our heels making it appear to the average viewer that we have wings attached to our legs. Pacing ourselves we begin leaping over every hurdle that appears before us, trying to knock us off our course. Jumping triumphantly over every bound, we leave behind major athletes and our heart is pounding from the rush and exercise at hand. We are nearing the end of the race and only a selected few remain in our way and our imminent chance to shine. Our inner most desire to triumph fuels our body from head to toe as well as our mind and we give it our all, pushing things to the next level. To our astonishment and joy we leave the lot behind us while we deliver an effort of an Olympian as the populous would describe. The crowd cheers frantically as we run like the wind on a stormy day across the finish line. Our heart and spirit soar as a smile of satisfaction forms across our face. Our lifelong dream has come true and a feeling of honor and pride overcomes us.

This is what happiness and excitement may indeed feel like when put into music. Dan has done it again.

Label:FSOE (Excelsior)


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