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TranceFix Review:Patrick Dreama-Carpe/Diem [In Sessions Recordings]

Patrick Noppert or “Patrick Dreama” as he is now known as in the music industry, is an artist who has certainly been around the block for quite a spell. He has experimented in the scene like no other adorning several guises which were each suited for the sound he showcased at the time. As a trance DJ/Producer he was known as “DJ Peddo” with one of his greatest hits being his remix of “The Spell” by “DJ Astrid“. He later picked up his new alias and like a hat that was quite fitting he became “SoulBoy“. Collaborating as a team with Alex Dijksterhuis (“Jamez”) they launched a new sound and showcased it in their DJ sets for all to witness. They name it “Techgressive“, a mixture of a more deeper and soulful version of techno and progressive. One of their biggest hits was “Surface Tension” which even gained the support of “Kevin Saunderson“. After all the success that followed Patrick still had a craving for the music that had inspired him at first, trance. Adorning his final alias “Patrick Dreama” he is now back with a new E.P on “In Sessions Recordings” owned by Irish innovator DJ/Producer and ex “Tucandeo” member, Danny Cullen. This E.P is named “Carpe/Diem“.

Starting things off with “Carpe“, a delightful piece of music indeed. Enchanting, mysterious with an extra dose of techiness and a combination of spiritual melodies and jaw dropping leads. We find ourselves venturing through some of the darkest woods we have ever encountered. Tall trees tower over the narrow pathway that serves as a road between them. Leaves half scattered across the path almost cover the evidence of the ancient stone road which once was. Birds caw from afar and the air that was once crisp and refreshing turns colder as we walk swiftly down the ever winding path. Feeling the coldness we pull the hood of our dark gray cloak over our head. In one hand we carry our firewood gathered with care from the forest, in the other our weapon of choice along with our prey and forthcoming meals. Haste is a necessity as dark clouds advance and the light that once guided us begins to fade with an incredible speed. Taking long strides we quicken our pace to make it to our dwelling in time. Out of the shadows dark shapes lurk about as if following our every move. The hunter has become the hunted as a pack of wolves begin to chase us, their terrifying cries filling the air. The chase is on and using cunning and intellect we manage to outsmart these ferocious beasts, being constantly one step ahead of them. In the end we reach the safety of our home with only casualties the slaying of a few of pursuers and the sacrifice of one of our to be dinners.

Next up is “Diem” which has a mystical, spine tingling, almost spooky, out of this world vibe combined with upfront leads that make your spirit rejoice full of richness and positivity. We make our way through tall unkempt grass, a smell of humidity in the air while dew drops trickle down the grass and vast vegetation all around. The moon is full and high up in the sky illuminating the land as if drawing out a path before us in the wilderness. Our wandering brings us upon a peculiar eerie sight in the middle of the vast overgrown fields that once were. A lone hut stands in the far distance, ghost like as if not belonging to this world. As we approach nearer a faint orangy light escapes the wooden oval shaped windows and a long abstract pillar of smoke protrudes from the chimney. A sudden chill runs down our spine as we witness a school of bats encircling the air, making the general image creepier than what it may truly be. Conquering our fears and inhibitions we rap on the door not knowing what to expect. The door creaks open and instead of a frightful old hag we may have expected to see we find a tiny old fellow adorned in white who had been stoking the roaring fire within, the ever delightful aroma of a tasty stew boiling in his kettle flooding the hut. He kindly invites us in to share his dinner and company, giving us refuge for the night. Appearances are not always what they seem and we discovered this for ourselves witnessing the generosity and kindness of a total stranger.

With this E.P Patrick seizes the opportunity to blow our minds with his spellbinding sounds and upfront soundscapes. I dare you to sit still while listening to this one.


Label:In Sessions Recordings


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