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TranceFix Review: Arnej – They Still Need Us + I Will Always Remember You E.P. [Be The Change Records]

Ladies and gentlemen!
The Bosnian-Canadian Progressive Trance, House producer and DJ – Arnej Šećerkadić is back!
After long preparations, he is re-entering the scene, heading his own, new label named ‘Be The Change Records’.

It’s been quiet in the last years, and Arnej’s music lived mostly in the form of his fans remembering his older work. The turning point, was a depressive video showing himself ranting about the Trance scene and playing a bunch of classic records.
Since then, he took the matter in his hands, and started to create the kind of Trance he wants to hear.

The list of DJ’s and producers who supported his older tracks includes Markus Schulz, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk ,Cosmic Gate, Menno De Jong, John O’ Callaghan, Eco, Bjorn Akesson, Ferry Corsten, Max Graham, and many more.

Most Successful tracks?
Probably Dust In The Wind, They Need Us, Tomorrow Never Comes, They Always Come Back, People Come People Go, Sometimes They Come Back For More (with Cosmic Gate), X – as 8 Wonders.
As a DJ, he played on ASOT 400, 450, 500, 550, 600, Tomorrowland 2011, Sunrise Festival 2012, Trance Energy 2010 and countless other events.
He’s also well known for his love of playing 6 – 8 hour sets.

They Still Need Us

Does the title seem familiar? Likely the answer is a yes.
It brings a mind to reflections about the DJ’s and producers on the scene.
Time doesn’t stay, the world is changing, but certainly we still need people who can enable us to have the wonderful experience of a Trance journey.
The production doesn’t present a radical change in Arnej’s style. It’s more of an evolution.
We still have the characteristic pluck rolling on, because of which many compare him to Deadmau5.

When the track comes into breakdown, it grows into an awesome anthemic Trancer. To give an idea, the atmosphere is comparable with Alex M.O.R.P.H. & PVD’s ‘We Are’.
For the joy of a Trance heart, there’s no cheap EDM effects and mutated buildup.
Sometimes less is more! So it is in this case. It drops gracefully, like a cat jumping down from a fence.

But it doesn’t fall into a boring climax, or a one note bassline, to fade out after a few repetitions of the sequence. .
Everything’s ‘breathing’, intensifying for a while before the track really peaks.
It’s a kind of transition from atmospheric to anthemic, adding more substance to the production.
Towards the end, dry beats are not lingering on for too long, so placing it on a home listening playlist will be just fine.

I Will Always Remember You

The second track of the release is a completely different animal.
Arnej made it to honour the memory of his father, and that reflects in more serious, deeper sound of this piece.
It’s all led by a really dark sounding, menacing bassline. Some of the melodic synths that stack on top of it, sound much lighter in contrast. The space in between is filled with orchestral sounding, synthesized strings.

Breakdown’s short and there’s no pompous buildup either. It’s all about the progression. Like the other track, it drops softly. Then drives deeper and deeper into nostalgia.
– Some way into the main part, there appears a dreamy piano passage that sounds as if it was extracted straight from the 90’s.
Could be an audio interpretation of someone sitting down, watching a photo album on the memory lane..

Certainly, this is a calming record, one that could successfully bring the people down at the end of a set. The outro part seems to be more DJ friendly, than one for home listening, but that alone doesn’t make it a club only track!
This part of the release takes more than one listen to feel it, because it is not made to sound massive. It’s all about the feels and subtleness. Hopefully it will not be overlooked, and even if.. it will live on as an underground gem 🙂

The first release from Be The Change Records is undoubtedly a treat for those who enjoy no nonsense Trance music. There are two sides, one more intensive, anthemic, while the other is deeper and emotional. These are no variations of one track, but two independent productions. Multi purpose too, as they seem to be balanced to work in casual as well as in club listening environment.
It’s a must hear – comeback of a great producer!

With 25 tracks planned for release in this year only, there’s a good chance we will hear much more quality material coming out from this label.
Support was so far given by Ferry Corsten, who played They Still Need Us on his radio show.
Very impressive start, congratulations!

Highlights: Great sequel to Arnej’s 7 year old production, emotional quality, a touch of oldschool Trance.

Release date for Beatport, iTunes: 13.03.2017
Google Play, Amazon: 27.03.2017

Label: Be The Change Records


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