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Trancefix Review:Solid Stone feat. Tiffany Johnston-Tempted [Coldharbour Recordings]

Canadian wonder “Solid Stone” is back in the spotlight showcasing another of his eclectic productions taken from his wondrous artist album “Introspection“. The new single taken from the album is entitled “Tempted“. For this one he teamed up with singer/songwriter “Tiffany Johnston“, giving us a melancholic dose of electronica, containing the signature sound he is becoming known for. This track has a deep tech trance sound fueled up with a touch of nostalgia and melancholy, courtesy of Tiffany herself who adds that extra bit of longing and regret with the undertones of her haunting voice.

It is a bleak, overcast day upon the land we call home. As we stroll the streets deep in thought we hardly notice our surroundings and the weather all about. Consumed by what ails us, we almost float down the street as if we were a lone ghost wandering among the living. Our thoughts are grey and hazy much like the weather at hand. Torn by decisions our heart and soul suffer from the hard choice that has to ultimately be made. Our significant other is far from us in a distant land and we reminisce about the happy times we spent together. Not bearing to be apart for so long we are tempted to leave everything behind, our life here and all we have fought for to make a good life for us, just for some more time together. People chatter around us as we walk but we comprehend nothing as we are lost in our own hazy world of worries and decisions. Suddenly as if shown a sign from the heavens we feel some relief seeing the sun escaping its fluffy captors, seeming to shine down upon us giving us hope and courage. Clarity has settled in our mind and we at last know what must be done. The whole world seems to change right before us as we walk with utter determination towards our ultimate desire.

Solid Stone” proves to us once again that he knows quite well how to get us thinking, taking in the deeper meaning of the music he creates as well as getting us rushing to the dance floor.


Label:Coldharbour Recordings

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  1. Amazing one, it will definitely be on my Top 10 this year.

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