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TranceFix Review:DIM3NSION-Voorpret [Pure Trance]

Spain’s Borja Iglesias Touceda widely known as “DIM3NSION” is quickly becoming one of the world’s most recognized trance DJ/Producers. Through his line of original productions such as “Bocanegra“, “Cima“, “Mangata” and “Origami” among others, he has gained tons of praise and a grand flock of trusty followers. A versatile artist to be sure, as we see him experimenting under the highest precision within the trance spectrum and laying out with pride the fruits of his labor in the studio upon the world. Achieving the highest praises and timeless support by his fellow peers, he continues on strong with his creativity in full flow. His music has been so well received that “Flashover Recordings” boss “Ferry Corsten” even asked him to mix the new installment of the “Flashover Recordings presents” mix compilation which contains a great number of tracks presented through a seamless musical journey as only “DIM3NSION” could.

Influenced by the “Gouryella” sound made known by “Ferry Corsten” we find Borja back in action releasing his new single “Voorpret” on “Pure Trance“. Just as “Origami“, the new single contains that classic trance sound and feel we trance enthusiasts have longed for. Bright, positive, up above the clouds vibes and melodies of pure bliss delight our senses while listening to this.

It is still early morning when we tread carefully through the thick grass, our shoes shining from the morning dew in the fields we cross. At the end of the vast field a man awaits us patiently standing next to a large blue hot air balloon which is elegantly crafted and decorated with long yellow stripes and a hand made straw woven basket underneath. Feeling a bit of tension but excited at the same time we climb aboard our airship that shall guide us through the sky today. Untying the large stranded ropes that bind us firmly to the ground we begin to slowly lift off with grace into the sky. Our air captain drops bags of sand to loosen our weight and speed up our ascension into the sky as we relax and begin to enjoy this unique voyage. Everything appears to be far, distant and in miniature as if created by a tiny child to serve as his playthings. The sky has changed to light blue and all around us we witness fluffy clouds in all shapes and sizes. Some resemble members of the animal kingdom and others objects of our every day life. The air is refreshing and the sun’s warm rays are an extra comfort to enjoy on our magical aerial journey today. Feelings of sheer bliss and peace gradually overcome us as we let ourselves go and feel completely carefree taking in all the wonders of our town from high above it all. As we gaze down upon it all with admiration we come to realize we will always treasure this special moment.

Amazing work here once again by the Spanish maestro. This is a track that shall be adored far and wide.


Label:Pure Trance 


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