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TranceFix Review:Artisan-Tomorrow Is Ours [In Sessions Recordings]

Irish phenomenon DJ/Producer “Danny Cullen” has certainly been brightening up the scene with his mass chain of releases. Under the well known “Tucandeo” duo along with “Kevin Murphy” they graciously projected their own mind blowing sound upon the world thus gaining our loyalty and adoration. All good things must come to an end but that was surely not the end of the road for Danny after the project dissolved. Adorning his new alias “Artisan” he illuminated our hearts and minds with his gripping tracks and collaborations that followed. Tracks like “Ethos“, “Exodus“, “Neocortex” (with “Dennis Sheperd“) and “Rampage” (with “Nifra“) are just examples of his brilliance in the studio.

Now he is back on his own label, “In Sessions Recordings” presenting us with his new single “Tomorrow Is Ours“. A Dark, techy/melodic hybrid and beast of a track filled with upbeat harmonious melodies and an all around positive backdrop to smooth things over.

Wandering the land layed out to infinity before us we marvel at the sight of it all and the promising possibilities we notice. Arriving with little more than nothing and equipped with the bare essentials any adventurer may carry we try to remain still amidst the growing impatience within. We gaze around and notice trees and shrubs of many sorts all bearing fruits or berries of some kind ripe for the picking. The sky above is clear except for the occasional passing of wandering clouds, carried by a soft wind and birds of prey encircling the land examining it all from high above. Wild hares and deer roam free and at a vast quantity for all predators it seems. This appears to be a perfect land to settle in we ponder. With thoughts like these running through our mind we sound the horn and run hastily through the woods overcoming the various obstacles that lie in our path. The hunt is on and we vigorously chase our fleeing prey while arrows fly through the air. The rush from the chase empowers us to attempt superhuman efforts to secure all the food we shall need for the coming week, preserving ourselves and our fellow kinsfolk. At the end of our day and after such a fruitful hunt a decision has been decided upon by all. We must settle in this bounty full land and prosper, leaving our past behind, tomorrow is a fresh day to begin anew.

One listen to this inspires the body, mind and spirit to try that extra bit more to achieve internal happiness.


Label:In Sessions Recordings


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