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TranceFix Review:Nifra feat.Seri-Edge Of Time [Coldharbour Recordings]

Slovakian DJ/Producer Nikoleta Frajkorova (“Nifra“) is becoming one of dance music’s sought out artists. An artist who has been infusing our senses for years with her vibrant DJ performances ranging from “Dreamstate”  to “A State of Trance” and many more events all over the world. She also happens to have a very creative mind in the studio as well, whether she is working on her own original productions, remixes or collaborations with fellow artists. Tracks like “Dark Harbour“, “Rebel“, “Army of Lights” (with “Seri“) or “The Creation” (Prague) (with “Markus Schulz“) have all achieved a special a special place in our hearts. Never one to sit idle for too long she continues touring around the world and forging new music in her studio. Her newest creation is another vocal delight for us all, as we see her teaming up with American Singer/Songwriter “Seri” once again for yet another anthem to add to the books. Their newest endeavor is called “Edge of Time” and is out on “Coldharbour Recordings“. A track bursting full with life, energy and rushing emotions while Seri’s soul grasping vocals blend perfectly with Nifra’s marching beats.

We are stranded in a land far away from anything that resembles home. Living every day to the max, amidst danger and life threatening situations we give it our all to protect the band of men under our command. Leading them into harsh situations and getting them all out intact has always been our strong suit and we thank our lucky stars for that skill. Among all the chaos, that has become part of our everyday life, the thought of the loved one we left behind never escapes our inner most thoughts and desires. As we lay down at night to regain our energy after another hectic day on the field, our mind begins to form elaborate scenes and vivid images of our life back home before all this. We find ourselves running, rushing towards our destiny and the longing for what we desire the most in the world has become unbearable. Our inner most thoughts and desires have been spun into an intricate web of dreams in which we constantly try to grasp the eluding shadow of a former life with our significant other. Feelings of happiness, joy and warmth overcome us, till we are suddenly robbed of them as she fleetingly slips away like an apparition in the darkest corners of the night. Anxious and covered in sweat we awaken from our dream and realize our very soul pleads with us to answer the call from afar, before father time gets the best of us all.

An amazing production by these talented ladies that is surely going to be on replay for months to come.


Label:Coldharbour Recordings

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