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TranceFix Interview: Raz Nitzan

It took a while, but finally it’s here! Our interview with the legendary Raz Nitzan. Known for projects like Solid Globe , The Doppler Effect and The Nickelson Night Project. And of course the head of the popular Raz Nitzan Music label group. Enjoy!

1. What do you think about the current trance scene? Are there things you
would like to change?

To be honest I am much less attached to Trance as a scene. I am a

musician and all I have ever been interested in is the music side of
things… Trance and in particular Vocal Trance as genres are giving
me the ground and possibility to be a musician. What a gift. Not sure
what I’d wanna change!

2. How is the scene compared to let’s say the golden Solid Globe days?

Well define Golden?… Those days weren’t that golden financially for
artists. Why do you think so many of them disappeared through the
years into the world of 9 to 5 day jobs? Those days didn’t offer
streaming, youtube, spotify income… Artists were and often still are
at the lower part of the food chain when it comes to the classic music
industry model… So to answer your question I’d say, my golden day is
now. I’ve never been more content with where I am in my work than
today. Right now! Being able to connect directly to people, listeners,
consumers, fans on twitter, spotify, Facebook, youtube etc… Being
able to start my own labels and to release my music directly to
audience and share what I stand for musically etc through social
media… Best days EVER!

3. Talking about Solid Globe, do you think the project will return? [We from TranceFix really REALLY hope so]. And how did the project start anyways?

Solid Globe was initially a one off… I called Nic Vegter that lived
some ten minutes away from me at the time and suggested a
collaboration. We went and did this one track called ‘North Pole’. No
expectations etc… just a good record that organically happened. Nic
was very much into Chicane and Sasha at the time so he brought that
chilled summery chord progression and I brought that three notes
melody… Was lots of fun!

You never know but I don’t really think Solid Globe will return I’m
sorry to say. I think it might have played itself fully at the time
and we’ve both grown in our respective ways.

4. Who are your favorite producers right now?

Music is never about one track, sound or producer… I can only say
that on my labels RNM, Amsterdam Trance, Essentializm etc I am
releasing music that I care about and love to share…

5. Which producers do you miss?

I have to say Vincent de Moor and De Bos (Andre van den Bosch) are the
first names that jump to mind… Nice guys and real pioneers in the
breakthrough of Trance back in the 90’s…

6. Do you think the EDM/Bigroom trend is good thing or a bad thing to be asociated with pop culture?

Honestly how can bringing dance music to daytime radio be a bad thing.
Purists can still find their fav underground music where it always is
and others can enjoy turning on the radio while driving somewhere and
hear a great pop artist being produced by some cool dance producers. I
think it’s a gift to our scene and introduces new audiences to
Electronic Music.

7. What is the longest you’ve spent on a track?

Probably Beauty hides in The Deep that we’ve recorded, mixed &
rerecorded the vocals maybe six times with different artists till we
had the winner Carol Lee performance for The Doppler Effect project.
It turned out to be a pretty big track so it was well worth it!
Another example is Still there’s You from Ana Criado that I wrote &
recorded three and a half years ago and was only finalized recently…
You never know exactly when a record is really ready and/or worthy for

8. Any exciting new projects that you are working on?

I am a writer and a producer and to me every song is an exciting new
project where I have to prove myself from scratch. I can not use an
older great track I wrote as the reason my new one is great so I have
to rise up and get inspired and excited every single time.

There’s so much new music in the pipeline. New Susana solo single, new
Ana Criado collab with Aly & Fila and Super8 & Tab, new music from
Sarah Lynn, Sarah Russell, Katty heath, 4 Strings, Denise Rivera, Sue
McLaren, Adam Ellis, Jo Cartwright, Fenna Day, Costa, Audrey
Gallagher, Alan Morris, Kaimo K, Neev Kennedy, Stargazers, The
Blizzard and so many more

09. As a songwriter and vocal producer, do you watch TV shows like The Voice and X-Factor? And if you will be asked to join the jury, will you?

I love hearing lots of new voices so The Voice is a great source of
singers to check out… Thankfully I am not in the position to be
asked so I don’t have to think hard before saying No!

10. I saw some of the sub-labels under your Raz Nitzan Music parenting have gone silent, can you tell what happened with them? Example: Audentity, Beat Service Audio, Captured Music.

Beat Service has gone to House music under his new alias Madison Mars.
Audentity was the label of Team Bastian that moved on to producing
sound banks, samples etc… Captured is Mike Shiver and he is still
very much active.
Every Artist has a vision and they must follow their own way because
that’s the only way to keep your credibility in the scene…

11. You’ve worked with so many big artists in the scene. Do you remember an
unforgettable and funny story you want to share with us?

yes… I have been around for a while… I remember being at Armin’s
parent’s place when he still lived at home and his young brother Eler
stormed into the room as we were listening to music because we were
disturbing him and he couldn’t practice his guitar…

I remember the first time I was at Ferry Corsten’s attic / studio. It
was literally a bed on one side and a computer on the other where he
produced some of the most amazing ground breaking music. Funny to
think about it almost twenty years later!

Or the one about Tiesto… Just after the release of Nickelson’s Yin
where the intro was ofc very much inspired by his ‘Flight 643’ I was
in a restaurant in Amsterdam with Maykel from Armada and just behind
us in the line was the man himself Tijs… We talked for quite a while
and even joked about it. In fact he started supporting the track soon
after!… He left the restaurant though when he was told he needed to
wait! No respect for legends!

12. What do you love the most about your job?

Writing, producing, A&Ring, working with people that are friends,
working with MUSIC…

13. Do you have a role in the marketing process? If so how has it changed from the days when trance used to be bigger? How do you ensure that every release is given enough promotion?

As said before, we’re in this remarkable period where we’re in the
position to promote, support and market our own music… You can get a
million views on youtube without one radio station playing your track.
You can get one million plays on spotify without one single dj on

I love having my own spotify playlists where I can promote and support
my own music for example and now we’re being approached by others
asking us to support their music as well. Shameless self promotion:
You can follow us on:

14. What makes Trance music special for you?

How do you explain music… I don’t know… a good song/track/choon
somehow has a key that makes my heart open up and feel or tell
something… offering inspiration to a world that is either gone now
or a world I never knew existed. Something high and bright or dark and
moody. Love!
And what a privilege it is to be making music that someone out there,
even that one person is wanting to hear!


Big thanks to Raz for his time!

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    How old do you have to be to have experienced that? :p

    Nice interview, tbh I didn’t know him until about a year ago even though he’s behind some of my favorite tracks (like Sahara, We.Are and Beauty Hides In The Deep for example).

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