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Aly & Fila – Beyond The Lights [FSOE]

Starting from their first track, Eye Of Horus; Aly & Fila have been on a roll. They have been pouring their hearts and souls within each and every track they have released. They have an amazing set of labels, that are striving to release quality after quality track.  Today we will be looking at their new single from their 4th studio album. The track is called, Beyond The Lights.

Onto the track!

The track starts with a stomping kick, slowly introducing elements leading up to that first acid sound. Then we see A&F making full use of that acid sound, adjusting it slightly to create something that’s not repetitive but something that is beginning to sound interesting. After that, it stops for a moment, introducing a beautiful piano, starting what I think is the best part of this track. Next we have some masterful piano work. Now we have our cello, complementing the piano, like chocolate on a ice cream. Just amazing to see (in this case hear!), then the white noise takes the breakdown up a notch

Suddenly, ladies and gentlemen we have that moment where you raise your hands and start letting them float. We go onwards now. We then get the acid elements from earlier,  coming back in to combine elements from that gorgeous breakdown we just had to create a powerful melody.

Lovely, just lovely. What I really love is that they are stressing that melody. After that fabulous melody, the track slows down, making us feel sad that our journey is over, then we have the outro using the same acidic elements, used in the track.

Beyond The Lights, is a good track to be the first single of A&F’s album. There are many great qualities of this track. One thing that I think that Aly & Fila and many other artists, could do is make the kick a little less dominating and less loud. This is a pitfall of a lot of modern tracks.

Some may also feel that the Acid elements and the standard ‘A&F’ uplifting elements may not go together. This is something that Aly & Fila, I’m sure wrestled with. Sometimes in a track, it’s good to play around with different sounds and styles. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Me personally, I don’t think it goes together well. Perhaps the duo could’ve worked on that. I can see other people liking it.

So what makes the track? It 100% has to be that beautiful breakdown and melody. These two parts have a very russian kind of feel, which is definitely very unique. They haven’t decided on a big room drop, which is always a concern with many tracks out there. This is something I’m sure Aly & Fila will never do, and I hope it continues to be that way.

However, I didn’t like the two different elements of the track, but I always look forward to the breakdown and melody  everytime I listen to this track. If we can expect great melodies from every track on A&F’s album I think we will be very happy. As I was saying the kick is very dominate, it is a pitfull of newer tracks in the scene, this is something that needs to kept in mind, for any trance artist out there.

Another pitfall in the scene, is that there are not that many great melodies out there. This is one thing that Aly & fila always nail. The duo’s melodies are lovely and I hope they don’t change that fact. Overall a great introduction to what possibly the album could look like. Definitely a track that should be in your library, the biggest reasons are the melody and the breakdown.

Great job, Aly & Fila. Cannot wait to see what is going to be on the album.


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