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TranceFix Review:Dan Thompson-Lucid [Coldharbour Recordings]

This is definitely a great year for Dan Thompson. Putting his ever growing creativity to good use, he is churning out anthem after anthem. Having loads of success already with some of his previous releases this year such as “Culture” and “Neptune“. Dan is back on one of his favorite labels: “Coldharbour Recordings“, tempting us with his latest offering to the trance scene. The name of his newest creation is “Lucid” and it has been doing quite well in the field already. Packing an aggressive and driving combination of sounds and upfront positive leads, all accentuated with sublime chopped female vocal snippets, this is a track that will inspire every inch of your being.

Making our way to the airfield as the sun begins to rise we feel a slight chill in the air. Is it the morning coolness we feel or an internal chill due to the anxiety we tend to feel before we fly out on an exercise? Approaching our aircraft we glance at our surroundings and a hint of a smile forms on the corner of our lips. It shall be a fine day to take to the skies. Getting in the aircraft and buckling up, we add the final touch to our ensemble. Just as the warriors of old, we too place a new age helmet upon our head as we prepare for our run on the kingdom of the skies. Engines booming we begin our sprint across the strip of the airfield increasing speed, as we prepare for our ascent into the clear blue skies above. In mere minutes we are up in the air and begin our stretch with a few standard procedures before we zoom off in a wicked echoing speed. Anyone else would be feeling quite queasy at this moment but not us. This somehow always feels like a second home for us as we form double and triple eight shaped loops in the air with the accuracy that defines us. To the ever watching eyes below we must appear graceful and talented like skilled acrobats plunging fearlessly into the void with no safety net. Having the time of our life and feeling at ease we continue on our way for the next phase of our daily exercise.

A mind gripping tune here by Dan that shall certainly imprint itself in our memory throughout the year. There is no stopping this English freight train!


Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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