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TranceFix Review:JES & Game Chasers-Carry Me Away (Markus Schulz Remix) [Magik Muzik]

One of dance music’s original icons, singer/songwriter and DJ “JES” (Jess Brieden) is back once again in the spotlight dominating our hearts with her latest tune. She has been known for countless tracks which now are held as all time classics such as “Ghost” and “Waterfall“. Always grasping the opportunity to work with some of dance music’s finest, the results have been extraordinary every single time. In addition to her singer/songwriter work she also holds her own radio show “Unleash The Beat” and has released several DJ mix compilations under the same name.

Being stranded in the airport recently with no way of escaping turned out to be a good thing. The ideas and inspiration for her new track “Carry Me Away” were born right then and there. Collaborating with producer duo “Game Chasers” the result is a sun drenched, feel good track where her vocals shine like the gleaming sun. This was so well received that master of “Coldharbour Recordings” himself, Markus Schulz was eager to give his rendition to the track. Markus is well known for his unique take on dance music and he utterly transforms the original into a driving progressive track that screams positivity, motivation and pure perseverance.

Walking down a narrow path with our coat tightly bound to protect us from the fury of nature’s elements we squint while leaves of many hues and shapes fly past us. Our thoughts are lost like the weather. Indecisive and troubled, trying to find a solution to the problem that ails us. Trees sway and tilt left and right as is moving to a song undetected by human ears. Clouds travel fast and the sun appears hidden to the naked eye. Despite it all, our internal instinct and inner strength motivates us to charge ahead against all odds. Suddenly positive thoughts and solutions to our ailment drop into our brain like rays of sun on a stormy day. Feeling lighter as if not held down by the laws of nature we casually continue our walk no longer affected by anything or anyone. We shall seize the day and make it ours despite it all.

Flooded with radiance and its eternal battle with melancholy, Markus absolutely energized this one in pure delight to all club goers like ourselves.


Label: Magik Muzik 


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  1. Loving the vocals of this one! JES has still such a lovely voice.

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