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TranceFix Review: Arkham Knights-Afterworld [Coldharbour Recordings]

The legendary brothers from Leeds (UK) are without a doubt dance music producing machines. Stuart and Ben Turner, known to the world as the “Arkham Knights“, have continued to surprise us pleasantly by releasing anthem upon anthem unto the world. Their unique blending of sounds and styles has well separated them from the masses and elevated them to the world, while their fame as producers proceeds them. In only a short while they have become one of dance music’s most promising duos. Tracks like “Blackgate“, “Knightfall“, “Odyssey” and “Legacy” are just prime examples of their creative brilliance. Now we find them back in action delivering another dark monster of a track. It is called “Afterworld” and it is their newest work on “Coldharbour Recordings“. Fusing techno and trance seamlessly into one has always been their niche and magical recipe for success. This is the ticket here and we have before us a ferocious techy beast of a track that packs a mighty punch and immediately guides us towards the dance floor.

Climbing aboard the smoke bellowing beast made of metal and ever long like a serpent we close the doors behind us, making our way slowly through the crowded interior where people from far and wide are gathered chattering away feverishly amongst each other. Taking in our surroundings we notice the various compartments we pass by, each with their own decor and purpose. Not in the mood for company we seek a quiet corner where we can rest up and perhaps regain some of our strength. We eventually locate an empty seat away from it all and place our long shaped bag on the floor by our feet, as to keep close watch of it. The locomotive charges ahead furiously as if chased by the hordes of the devil himself. Glancing out of our window we take notice of buildings of all sorts as they pass us by and a dark ominous sky trying to engulf it all. Our thoughts are with our countrymen fighting in the war and we too are anxious to get back to resuming our duties in the line of fire, protecting our lands in such morbid times. Our loyalty and desire to shield them all from harm is what drives us forward every step of the way. Deep in our thoughts we are swept away by the beauty of the scenery we now view coming up through our window and imagine a future golden era when we can all live harmoniously and achieve our full potential within our lives. That would be grand indeed we think to ourselves and a hint of hope makes our heart stir with determination to achieve it.

Another masterpiece from the knights of the future. This too shall conquer our hearts and minds.


Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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