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Trancefix Review:Kyau & Albert-Trace [Euphonic]

One of the dance music industry’s most prolific duos and pioneers Ralph Kyau and Steven Moebius Albert (“Kyau & Albert“) from Germany have been a unique force, always breathing new life into the ever changing scene. Experimenting with various styles of dance music throughout the years but still holding their trademark sound, they have always been a blessing to the scene we love, intricately devoted to their craft. In addition to being DJ/Producers one of them (Steven Moebius Albert) also happens to be the instantly recognized vocalist in most of their tracks. Aside from touring all over the world and getting busy in the studio, they also run their own music label “Euphonic” and hold their own radio show “Euphonic Sessions” on a monthly basis. The said show always gathers a loyal following of fans and listeners. Their latest endeavor was an album (“20 Years“) to celebrate their twentieth year as artists. The album features a fine selection of their own tracks, reworked and refurbished by themselves or by fellow artists thus shining new light upon their work. Now they are back in studio mode preparing their new artist album which is already highly anticipated by all.

The new single they present us with is entitled “Trace“and is out on “Euphonic” as well. A dreamy track packed with nostalgia which is utterly drenched in emotion and highlighted by melodic ups and downs while Steven’s vocals shine through enhancing the atmosphere at hand.

Treading down our familiar turf and passing locations and places that have been part of our everyday life, memories and scents come rushing through our mind as we are constantly reminded of the grand and joyful times we have spent there on numerous occasions with our special someone. The absence carves a dark hole in our soul but we press on trying to remain strong. Walking down the fresh cleared path towards the sea while the hot sun burns down upon us, a fresh salt scented breeze rustles our hair and delights our senses. It is almost like our significant other is close by, an unseen deity following our very footsteps, as our heart beats with longing for the imminent return like the beginning of Spring and the happiest season of our life. The sea shimmers and sparkles before us and we smile broadly with the recent realization that she is present in everything that surrounds us. Traces of her will be part of us until her glorious return, much like the anticipation of the colorful season when flowers and trees are in full bloom and nature is dressed in its finest garments.

Another fantastic piece of music from the creative minds, perfect for enhancing our mood and piercing our hearts with its sheer beauty.

Released: 24/4/2017

Label: Euphonic  


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