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Trancefix Review: Eric Senn-To The Sky [AVA White]

Polish trance artist “Eric Senn” (Eric Sendecki) is someone that has worked hard to get where he is today. Signing his first track “The Secret” in 2013 to “B-Sonic” was just the beginning of his tale. Honing his production skills during the next few years he returned stronger and better than ever. Perseverance and hard work had got him quite far. Gradually developing his own style he has had quite a few releases out on labels such as: “Suanda“, “Beyond The Stars“, “D.Max Recordings” and now on Andy Moor’sAVA Recordings” (on the “AVA White” imprint). “Coelum“, “Lands of Moria“, “Wonders of Nature” have all gained support and admiration by fans and artists alike.

Driven by his passion for heavenly harmonic trance music he is back with a brand new track entitled “To The Sky“. The title alone gives us a hint of what one may expect to hear. Beautiful heavenly almost operasque patterns sliding with ease across pulsing basslines and bubbly acid like squelches all coming together to deliver a truly light filled magical tune.

‘Tis a fine day we think to ourselves as we board the aircraft in front of us. We assume our seat and glance nervously through our side window. Our aircraft has begun its sprint on the track layed out before us, preparing for its gradual ascend into the kingdom of the sky. With only a smooth transition and tiny jolt we are hovering in mid air gaining altitude with every passing moment. In only minutes we shall attempt the thing many of our fellow humans dread or fear. The time passes swiftly and before we know it we find ourselves adorned in the appropriate gear, fit and ready for our plunge into the open. Standing by the exit we feel the rush and fear combined as one. Nevertheless the time has come and we jump absent of fear, descending gracefully as we were trained by our teacher. What an experience it is: free falling without a care in the world into the wide openness of the sky. Everything appears even more divine than it would on Earth. The clouds are fluffy and white and lined up so elegantly as if preparing to be conducted by the aerial forces and the sun lord himself for a grand symphony of the heavens. Filling our eyes and heart with these images of rare beauty, we continue our descent onto the world of men and beasts with the agility of a soaring eagle, content and full of joy.

Full of melodic bliss and addictive to the core, this one immediately lifts you off your feet as you ascend mentally into the sky.

Released: 1/5/2017

Label: AVA White

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