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Trancefix Review: Airwave-The Unfinished E.P [Bonzai Progressive]

Now here is an artist that is an absolute master of disguise. Laurent Véronnez is a DJ/Producer that has created a variety of tracks under many aliases, each serving their own purpose, showcasing the appropriate sound they were assigned to. With a careful research you may discover that he is the mastermind behind: “Body-Shock“, “V-One“, “Antidote“, “Lolo” and his most recognized alias “Airwave“. This Belgian is a master, a chameleon if you wish of dance music. This versatile artist has played a major role in shaping the world of dance music as we know it. From his own originals that have achieved classic status, to his collaborations with artists such as “Armin Van Buuren” and “M.I.K.E.“, to his joint ventures with others such as “Fire & Ice” and “Planisphere” this artist knows no bounds in his quest to enriching our world with his sound. He just unleashed his new E.P “The Unfinished” upon the world and what a joy that is to our ears.

City Of The Iris: A dark, futuristic gem complete with crystal like melodic outbreaks, touching female vocal snippets and a certain cinematic almost Psy-Trance quality about it. The energy and flow contained in this is just unreal.

Awakening from our brief slumber we start to take in the images that surround us. Even though we have been residents of this new world for quite a spell we still find it all strangely fascinating and unique. Exiting our residence we stare at everything we pass like it is the very first time we gaze upon it. The streets are layed in stone like in the olden days but several things have a new age touch to them. The men we pass are dressed in garments of brown or green with a dark cloak wrapped around them while the ladies prefer long elegant dresses of red or blue. The buildings are tall like skyscrapers and surround the city, spread out like trees in a forest.In the pavement a detailed imprint of an iris is etched out as it is the symbol of the city itself. A visitor may quickly realize this by the many iris flowers in clay pots spread out throughout the city, bringing a fusion of color to an otherwise gray world. This is true we realize as we look up at the sky which is a hazy gray with many clouds gathered round it. Every day appears to be somewhat of a quest here as we patrol the streets silently overseeing it all like a knight of old, a protector of the innocent and those in need. Work is never done and we are never idle for too long putting our skills to good use and keeping the city stagnant of filth and corruption.

The Unfinished: Dark progressive vibes run wildly throughout this track which is also infused with mystery and mysticism and full of epic leads. This is a real addiction to our ears.

Upon the highest tower of our kingdom we are imprisoned, working constantly against our will. Our beliefs and skills are what got us into this mess we are now aware of that. Nevertheless, we have run out of options. In the room before us we are surrounded by vials of many shapes and sizes all containing liquids and substances unknown to most mortals. Our knowledge appears to be our only hope if we wish to survive in this world. We look at the gray walls of stone around us and we swear we will not let this be the place where we draw our last breath. Mixing, measuring, separating liquids and powders with accuracy and precision we are trying to discover what our lord commanded us to. Bubbling liquids in the most extravagant colors are brewing while strange scents escape under the door of our laboratory. What may appear to the populous is that we are eagerly doing our lord’s bidding with no ill thoughts whatsoever. Instead we are slyly planning our mighty escape while piecing together a secret formula that shall change the world forever and liberate us from our captivity.

This E.P is a rare treat to us all as both tracks are equally remarkable containing journey like qualities perfect for revamping our lives.


Label: Bonzai Progressive

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  1. City Of The Iris is a superb track.

  2. Most ppl seem to prefer City of the Iris, but it’s The Unfinished for me.

    Mainly because of the grunge/distorted stabs.

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