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Trancefix Review: Markus Schulz pres.Dakota feat. Bev Wild-Running Up That Hill [Coldharbour Recordings]

It has been quite the year for Markus Schulz as he has certainly been pulling out all the stops. From touring all over the world to preparing extra special episodes of his hit radio show “Global DJ Broadcast” (“GDJB“), to the revival of one of his most acclaimed aliases for yet another album. The “Dakota” project has been a firm favorite of many loyal Schulz fans around the globe and after the vast success of his previous albums (“Thoughts Become Things I and II“) the time had come for the third installment. Markus himself felt the time was imminent and he poured all of the essence of his soul and creativity into crafting this new album. The first single from the album “Mota Mota” in which he collaborated with techno producer “Koen Groeneveld” has been a huge track and a staple in his sets around the world, adored by many and leaving them craving for the next Dakota single. For the first time ever a Dakota single comes as such a surprise as this one right here. “Running Up That Hill” is the second single from the album (“The Nine Skies“) and it is a very unique, boundary breaking remake of the original track by “Kate Bush“. Markus’ approach contains that darker, edgier sound  we have loved and embraced, spiced up with the bittersweet melancholic vocals of “Bev Wild“. Nostalgic, powerful, emotionally driven, heart wrenching and soul piercing vibes can be found with,  taking us to the next level of consciousness.

The land is covered in mist as far as the eye can see. It is only afternoon but it seems as if the whole world is consumed by darkness. There is a coldness in the air, giving us goosebumps. We were surrounded by people and now it appears as if we are the sole survivors. Thoughts come rushing through our mind with the speed of a freight train on the tracks. Fear, anguish and longing for our loved one who is now somewhere in the vastness of the city, most likely feeling alone and frightened. With that thought alone we rush frantically through the thick fog, slicing through it with our hands, our clothes drenched from the ongoing humidity at hand. The phone networks are down, the vehicles have ceased moving, it is almost as if the whole city has come to a halt. In those mere moments to us it is like the whole world has fallen into oblivion. Nevertheless, we don’t despair and charge forward with a stronger force fueled by our desire to save her from this mysterious threat. The only thing that matters is that we shall be reunited even if for a few moments, before the whole world crumbles at our feet. On our frantic search we tumble over fences, are chased by ferocious canines and leap over every single bound that lies before us, all the while cackled and cawed at by crows that seem to detect the danger that lies ahead. At last bruised, clothes slightly torn and feeling spent we reach out through the mist and grasp her in our arms. Nothing else matters now. We both feel content and ready to face anything that comes our way, ready to aid our fellow citizens of this grand city with everything that we’ve got and thus regain control of our lives.

A pure masterpiece of dance music carefully crafted by the Coldharbour maestro himself. This needs to be added to your musical library as soon as possible.

Released: 29/5/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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