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TranceFix Review: Somna-Dreadnought [FSOE Excelsior]

Benjamin Leung from Canada, widely known under his artist name “Somna“, is an artist that literally does not sit still and appears to be constantly driven by his passion for music making. Harnessing relentless beats and beautiful melodies is certainly his niche, as we see him enriching our world with his aural creations. Having released countless singles and remixes on labels such as “Armada Music“, “Black Hole Recordings“, “Perfecto Records” and “AVA Recordings” (which he co-runs along with Andy Moor) and performed at events such as “Creamfields” (UK), “Eden” (Ibiza, Spain) and “Global Gathering” (UK) the sky is the limit for an artist of his caliber.

Here he presents us with his new single on “Future Sound Of Egypt Excelsior” which is entitled “Dreadnought“. If you are familiar with his body of work, this one may come as a bit of a surprise to you. This is one of his most aggressive and energetic tracks to date. Packing tech-fused futuristic leads combined masterfully with lush atmospheric melodies and chopped female vocals, this is an absolute delight for our ears.

Departing from our ancestral home in search of life beyond our realm and new worlds to discover for mankind we sail the skies above, much like the explorers of old, crossing the wild blue sea. Feeling restless, we sit on the edge of our seat clenching our teeth while we stare at the wide open space before us. Time literally flies by while our mind and eyes are glued to the exterior. Representing our country and the human race in general we feel a certain sense of duty and honor to get a first hand glimpse into the vast universe before us. Countless worlds may be out there ready for exploring and inhabiting. The possibilities are endless we think to ourselves and our heart races by the thought of it all. We eventually leave our solar system behind us and all familiarity draws to a close. Now the real adventure begins and along with our fellow voyagers we rejoice and sing songs about our future conquests. The universe is beautiful and without an end it seems, as we continue on our voyage taking in all that we witness, from small rocky asteroids, to chunks of rock, that may have well been a world once upon a time ago that has now perished and faded into nothing, with only small rocky shards remaining. Days and months go by and we continue observing it all with a zeal and attention that few acquire. Just when we thought we should get some rest a distant object begins to make its appearance. Can this be the place we seek, where we may prosper and flourish on all over again? It remains to be seen and the excitement in the ship rises impossible to be contained by us all.

Somna has given us an anthem that shall stand the test of time and become a firm favorite among the trance community. Don’t hesitate to add this to your music list.


Label: FSOE Excelsior 


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