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Trancefix Review: Cold Blue-On The Outside [Subculture]

Having given us loads of great music over the past months, Tobias Schuh (“Cold Blue“) , continues forging tracks that contain that anthem like trance sound that we crave and adore. A firm believer of energetic and moving trance music, he knows the secret recipe for constructing huge tunes that infect our mind. This new release out now on John O’Callaghan’s label “Subculture” is no exception to the rule. It is called “On The Outside” and it contains everything a loyal trance fan may seek. We are talking about a techy, underground like, grindy bassline layered with beautiful aural melodic plucks, that sound almost like water droplets and a pair of leads that shall certainly clasp hold of your very soul with their infectious groove.

Walking through our city’s bustling streets, we witness people from far and wide trying to persuade bystanders and passers by to pause for just a moment and sample their wide array of delicacies, exotic fruit, vegetables and peer at the handmade crafts. The air is filled with the crisp aroma of freshly baked products displayed throughout the various stalls, plus a fading scent of humidity that seems to loom over everything like an invisible phantom. A fine day for exploring it sure seems, even though the scattered clouds may think otherwise as they assemble together one by one as if conspiring to ruin our day. Amidst the voices and the noises of the city, a sudden crackle sounds from above disrupting the harmony found below. In mere minutes a gust of wind makes its dramatic appearance, playing notes of aerial music on the colorful glasses displayed everywhere by the vendors. That was just the prologue of what is about to follow as raindrops pour down with ease from the heavens. Even though the tempest is at hand we all gather round enjoying ourselves in joyful conversations and giddy laughter. Nothing, not even mother nature herself can crush our spirit as we continue on with grace.

A vibrant piece of music that without a doubt grasps our spirit and imagination from the very beginning.

Released: 26/5/2017

Label: Subculture  


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  1. That bassline after the break!!! *drools uncontrollably*

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