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TranceFix Review: Hiroyuki Sawano- Call Of Silence [Somna Bootleg Remix]

A true artist to the very core, Benjamin Leung (“Somna“) can see beauty and ways to interpret it into music even in the most simplest things. An avid fan of art and animation it seems, he has taken it upon himself to blow our minds with his rendition of one of the songs from one of his favorite anime, which is called: “Attack On Titan“. Taking Hiroyuki Sawano‘s “Call Of Silence“, he has transformed it into a very much alive and kicking trance track. One look within and you may discover it is filled with positive, vibrant vibes and oozing with emotional bliss. A true vocal trance masterpiece.

We find ourselves taking long strides down a beautiful sandy beach, which is filled with exotic palm trees and clear blue skies above our very heads. Seagulls call out happily as they grace the sea level and a warm wind caresses our cheeks. Walking hand in hand with our true love, we feel the elements of nature and the rays of golden sun upon our hair and skin. Happiness and joy engulfs us and we cast away our shoes walking barefoot, enjoying the coolness of the sea and dampness of the wet sand upon our toes. Feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of it all, we know we will both treasure these moments in paradise over the passing of many years.

In honor of his birthday “Somna” has decided to celebrate with his wide array of fans worldwide and is kindly giving this beauty away for free! Get on it guys and girls, it shall certainly brighten up your lives!

Happy Birthday dear Benjamin and keep on creating magical music!!

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