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TranceFix Review: Harry Square & Daxson- Raker [Coldharbour Recordings]

Two of the UK’s most sought out DJ/Producers “Harry Square” and “Dan Dobson” under his “Daxson” alias  join forces in the studio with the ultimate goal being, to create a beast of a track. Undoubtedly they both have been carving out a name for themselves and their body of work is evidence enough. Each of them attain a personal style which may contain similar elements of their peer. Fusing them together as one they presents us with a mind blowing result. The track is called “Raker” and is out on “Coldharbour Recordings“. Dark, anthemic and driving, this is a track that progresses beautifully. Filled with an inspiring essence and dominance this will certainly having you humming the main melody for quite some time.

Standing atop a grand castle made of dark stone which stands as a sentinel overseeing the entire kingdom, we gaze down upon the courtyard which is filled with an assortment of trees and shrubs covered in fruit and berries. The dark rich soil of the land is covered by a variety of leaves thrown and scattered from the trees. The crimson flags decorated with the mighty emblem of our clan sway rhythmically in the wind as the distinct sound of a battle horn is sound, arousing us all from our inner peace and carefree sheltered life behind closed walls. Being the mighty warriors that we are, we rush without hesitation to the armory quickly assembling ourselves with armor, helmets and weapons of choice. The children and women are rushed within the crypt for protection along with all they may need as we, called upon by our liege, climb aboard our fearless steeds ready to charge ahead with pure devotion, courage and loyalty to our fellow kinsfolk. We ride on to battle chanting, shields bashing a mighty sight to be seen and ruthless to the core. This shall be a battle that will be remembered throughout the centuries.

A huge tune by these two creative minds that shall become an addiction to us all. Be warned.

Released: 5/6/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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