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TranceFix Review: Mr.Pit- Stand Out/Daymaker [Well Mixed Records]

While everyone may slow down on production duties during the lazy summer season, Adrian Ivan (“Mr.Pit”) instead charges full speed ahead. With little time passing since the release of his latest E.P, he entices us and indulges us on with yet another masterful E.P carefully crafted, containing that special “Mr.Pit” formula that defines him as an artist. His new E.P is entitled: “Stand Out/Daymaker” and is out now on “Well Mixed Records“.

“Stand Out”:

A hybrid of distorted techno basslines fused in those ever burning fires of trance, containing those dark, epic, anthemic leads that we crave and seek. I daresay this is one of his finest tracks yet.

All is peaceful and quiet throughout the night, almost too quiet it seems. While everyone else is peacefully carried away into dreamland we get the dreaded call. There is a life threatening fire in the heart of the city. We sound the alarm and awaken our fellow fire fighters. There is no time to waste as we rush to our red shiny trucks and roar the engines. Our heart rate rises and we are anxious to get to the place of need. With the speed and agility that defines us, we charge away into the night, lights on our vehicles flashing prepared for the worst case scenario. Rushing through the empty streets, running red lights and all, we hastily arrive at the unfortunate resident’s establishment. Our heart skips a beat as we look up at the grand old building which appears to be overrun by flames. We begin shouting out orders to our men and in mere moments we are ready. With our flame consumers in hand, we blast the yellow red demons with everything we’ve got. Climbing on top of the ladders that come with our vehicles we blast out again from all angles subduing our fiery foes inch by inch. Not an easy task and it has taken the courage and bravery of us all, together with our inner persistence to pull this feat off. Nevertheless we emerge victorious, covered in shoot and tarnished all about but packing the broadest smiles you ever did see. We have just saved the home and neighborhood of so many. No feeling can be greater than this.


Twisted synths, ecstatic rhythms and moving melodies are what define this track. A real anthem in the making.

All dressed up in our favorite garments we are well prepared for the night. An inner feeling of joy and excitement has overtaken us and as we glance across at the faces that are spread out throughout the bus, they all seem to have that inner glow. Each one with their own personal style in attire and all, whether they are male or female, they all are joined together as one traveling to the event they have been waiting for all year. We arrive at our destination and patiently get in line. One by one we are admitted inside the club. The music is dark and techy and we find our places on the dance floor. The energy gradually builds, hands are lifted up high in the air while our feet carve their imprint onto the pavement. The break in the track comes at the right moment. Taking a breather, we feel refreshed by a swift breeze that storms the dance floor before the pyrotechnics and fireworks explode, leaving us all in awe cheering frantically, as we catch a glimpse of the stars above, feelings of utter joy flowing through us all. At this moment night becomes day, the DJ is our day maker and most revered leader. Moments of pure magic we shall never forget.

A superb E.P by one of dance music’s most edgiest producers. This will certainly be a standout moment in Mr.Pit’s career.

Released: 19/6/2017

Label: Well Mixed Records

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