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TranceFix Review: Thomas Datt – The Love Frequency [FSOE]


So today, we will be reviewing ‘The Love Frequency’ from a artist, that has been producing for a long time. You should all know who this man is. His name, is Thomas Datt. I implore all reading this to check out his discography. Full of quality, since ’04. He has been releasing tracks, mainly on Discover and Perfecto Records.

Hopefully all of our readers know who Thomas Datt. If not, check out the man’s discography and you’ll know him! Producing quality since ’04. Today we will be looking at his first release on the Future Sound Of Egypt label. Surprisingly this is his first release on FSOE. He has mainly had releases on Discover and Perfecto. So let’s get into the short but sweet review.

You would think that we would get a generic sounding 138-140 track here, just from the powerful intro, but no!. Wait a few seconds and we see a lush feeling coming through. We see Thomas slowly developing the track and introducing us more and more to the special frequency. Slowly but surely, we are getting there to a potientially glorious melody.

It is great to see a artist taking their time, on building a journey. It is something that isn’t done enough these days. Of course, Thomas always does this as we already know from his previous tracks. Then we have a break.  A quote, and then we feel that special frequency ‘ The Love Frequency’. Pure Love. Feel the sounds wash over you. You might be thinking, is that it? No, my dear Trancefix readers. We then hear, that Thomas decides to give the sounds even more energy, to help fuel our journey. Feel that? Lovely.  We then have the outro, which ends this track for us. What a beautiful voyage through the soul. You just got tapped into ‘The Love Frequency’.


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