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TranceFix Review: Anske-Xplorer [Coldharbour Recordings]

The Lithuanian wonder is back and what a tidal wave he has caused in the scene with his latest release on one of his favorite labels: “Coldharbour Recordings“. Andrej Anskinas (“Anske“), is without a doubt one of the fastest rising stars in the trance field. From massive singles and E.P’s to sublime remixes and masterful performances around the world he sure keeps busy with his passion for dance music fueling him every step of the way.

His new single is called “Xplorer” and has already achieved numerous plays by artists such as Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten and has even climbed the “Beatport Trance Charts” reaching the 16th position. This track contains an infectious groove that gets under your skin. The combination of addictive, epic, anthem like, inspiring leads that wreak of positivity and determination blend beautifully with the melodies that enrich the track and guarantee your heart shall soar with utter happiness. A pure motivational piece of music to be sure.

It is dawn and everything is wet and damp. The sun is still absent and there is little light around us. The lamp post spreads a hint of light while we converse secretly among our fellow adventurers and risk seekers. Dressed in the manner of the times with a dark tricorne hat placed upon our head, we oversee the large amount of goods being loaded upon the ship. We are standing on one of the finest harbors Europe has to offer and already anxious to begin our vast voyage. Surrounded by like minded individuals, we can not wait to see what we may uncover on this journey crossing the mighty seas. We board the ship as all is being prepared for its descent from the harbor. We evidently have the grace of the wind gods as we witness a fresh current hitting the long dark sails of the ship. With a loud cry from one of the sailors we are off. The ship rips through the dark blue sea with ease, doing exactly what it was constructed for and the rich scent of salt in the air already plants vivid images into our mind: faraway lands filled with new and curious things for us to explore and discover. The spirits in the ship are high as can be and we can’t help but admire the rare beauty and simplicity of life out on the open sea, while the sun showers us with its warm golden rays of comfort. After the initial excitement has worn off days later, we find ourselves in the captain’s chamber peering down on an old somewhat torn and yellowed piece of parchment. We rub our hands together with satisfaction as a sly smile spreads out across our lips. We shall prove to all those who doubted us, the existence of the lands we spoke of with our grand and mysterious voyage.

Anske has done it again, infusing our world with his latest ground breaking anthem.

Released: 3/7/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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