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TranceFix Review: Mark Sherry and Dark Fusion feat. Jan Johnston-Deja Vu (The Remixes) [Outburst]

What happens when a world renowned singer/songwriter such as “Jan Johnston” joins forces with innovative DJ/Producers like “Mark Sherry” and “Dark Fusion“? The answer to that question is the superb “Deja Vu“. A relentless power charger that rolls with the punches and sends us all to trance heaven with Jan’s enchanting vocals illuminating our world. The success of this track was so grand that it naturally attracted the interest and curiosity of other artists who wanted to have a go on adding their special touch to this and who could blame them?

First up is the remix by “James Dymond“. A highly spirited interpretation of the original, with loads of effects and tricks to get our mood swinging, preparing us for the beautiful, lush melodies and high inspiring leads topped by Jan’s soul piercing vocals which enslave our heart and mind. Pure bright and hopeful vibes with every inch of energy needed to start the day off with a smile.

The second remix comes to us from “ReOrder“. Effects and vocal twists are present here and there is a great dose of a psy-trance influence throughout the track. A journey down dark, winding roads with an essence of mystery and melancholy all about. This rendition drops Jan into a futuristic world absent of hope and light. Nevertheless Jan’s voice guides us through the darkest corners, much like the north star high above, guiding us safely home.

Both remixes are very creative and different providing the listener with all that he or she may crave! Fantastic job by all artists involved!

Released: 3/7/2017

Label: Outburst Records

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