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TranceFix Review: Gai Barone-Un-Theme E.P [Coldharbour Recordings]

An artist who is clearly known for his unique take on dance music and originality throughout his work is the Italian maestro “Gai Barone“. When most artists create powerful and energy flowing tunes, Gai follows an ulterior route. His distinct sound is slower paced and deeper, emotional and progressive as he hits all the right buttons. Attaining support by many of the heavyweights in the scene, Gai moves towards his destiny. One of the highlights of his career was in fact his artist album “Towards“, which was well received and even showcased on “Markus Schulz’s” radio show “Global DJ Broadcast“. Speaking of which, Gai has just released his highly anticipated “Un-Theme E.P” on Coldharbour Recordings“. Containing the original, a remix by “Harry Square” and an extra track called “Bus-Hill” what’s not to like?


A track that has certainly been the talk of the town ever since it was premiered on the “GDJB” and so many other radio shows around the world. A tune instantly different and unique. Distinguished melancholic, almost cinematic-like melodies playing the leading role while all other elements are applied with precision and excellence, without overdoing it, thus accentuating the overall vibe much like spices to a well prepared fine meal.

The sun is setting and preparing to to take its slumber somewhere beneath the waves it seems when we open our eyes. We find ourselves laying face down on a sandy beach, the crisp sea air refreshing us as we slowly regain our senses. We must been out for quite some time we realize as we look up at the many hues of red, yellow and orange entangled in the sky above us, appearing like an artisan’s  tapestry of old. Magnificent and overwhelming to say the least, we are on our feet and begin walking down the sandy white beach. Palm trees can be seen in the distance rustling their branches while songbirds call from afar. A place of rare beauty. If only we had something to drink and eat maybe we may recall how we got ourselves lost in paradise. Making our way deeper into the depths of the island we find various fruit and a spring with cool crystal clear water, hidden like a treasure within the dense vegetation. This will do very nicely we think while chowing down on fruit and marveling up at the majestic sky. Tomorrow is another day to seek answers to our many questions.

Un-Theme (Harry Square Remix):

Man of the moment Adrian “Harry Square” Queenan assumes remix duties and adds his own personal touch to this special track. Showing respect to the beautiful melodies of the original, he reinforces the beauty within, heightening the atmosphere and infusing it with driving leads that complement the track very nicely. This is a remix that will do wonders in the clubs worldwide. Excellent work as always by Adrian.


This is another remarkable track straight out of Gai’s laboratory. It attains a certain cinematic value like its sibling before but instead takes things to a deeper, moodier place as it plants mental images within our mind. Long exonerating sighs and serene melodies enriched with emotion, make this an unmissable track.

Laying down on our soft, comfy bed after a busy yet tiring day we are eager to close our eyelids and shut away the world we know and the troubles it may hold. Thoughts and ideas rush with the speed of light through our mind and then like a piece of machinery we switch off, floating away gracefully and peacefully into dreamworld. Morpheus welcomes us to his world and is willing to guide us through the vast land that lies under our subconscious. We stare in wonder as the hazy sky clears and the fog that surrounds this mysterious land is cast away allowing us to witness a land of lush beauty, adorned with elements that are or were part of our life as they are spread out like landmarks on this journey. We feel joyous with an inner feeling of desire to see and explore more and more, always seeking what may appear along the next corner of the brick paved streets of our very own personal world. Our mind races and experiences unfold in front of our very eyes like blossoming flowers and we find ourselves doing and accomplishing things that we normally would not have the opportunity to do in real life. We are finally at peace with ourselves and the world. A true work of art packed with unforgettable soundscapes, this is the sound dreams are made off.

Do yourselves a favor and grab this E.P. One of the most promising releases of 2017!

Released: 7/10/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings


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