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TranceFix Review: Maria Healey-Desiderata [Subculture]

Hailing from the misty land of Ireland DJ/Producer “Maria Healey” is an artist that continues to inspire and in turn be inspired by everything around her. Having released several of her own productions on well known labels such as: “Subculture”, “In Trance We Trust“, “Kearnage” and more there is no stopping this truly dedicated and musically driven artist. Her work has consistently been supported by numerous artists in the scene and she has had the pleasure of entertaining thousands at events all over the world, ranging from “Luminosity” in Amsterdam (Holland), to “Captured Festival” in Ibiza (Spain).

Already stunning the audience with her previous offering the superb “Option 66“, she is now back with her latest single. “Desiderata” is released on fellow Irishman’s “John O’Callaghan’s” label “Subculture” and it even includes a killer remix by Italian heavyweight “Giuseppe Ottaviani“. Desiderata sends shivers down your spine while listening. A track packed with ethereal soundscapes, complimented by longing vocal effects and lush melodies, it is certainly a track that will be hammered away at events throughout the summer.

It is only early morning when we make our way down the sandy shores leading towards the sea. The sun is still on its daily ascend upward and the sea current appears to be troubled as the waves swish and turn every which way, crashing more than gently on the seashore. A stronger wind comes in, making the newer formed waves appear as if they are in a constant chase to surpass their elders that lead the race,  like elegant white stallions. To most it would be day gone to waste. To people like us it is an absolute thrill and we quickly push our shiny new surf board into the foaming turbulent waters. Getting as far as we need, we graciously stand atop our board with our back arched, braving the waves and the kingdom of the sea below, charging ahead with zeal and the wind as our ally appearing like a mighty warrior of the sea, aboard a magnificent steed. All of the elements combined add to the excitement and adrenaline we feel rushing through us. We embrace the moment, feeling perfectly alive and joyous. These are the moments we live for!

The Giuseppe Ottaviani Remix:

Giuseppe, a true student of the old school trance sound, rolls up his sleeves and showcases his magic on this remix. Adding an extra dose of power, energy and aggression to the original, he speeds things up in a representation reminiscent of his days on “Paul Van Dyk’s” “Vandit” thus delivering us a pure summer anthem.

Stunning package from both Maria and Giuseppe that will power up your summer escapades.

Released: 30/6/2017

Label: Subculture

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