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TranceFix Review: Memory Loss-Endless Dreams [AVA Recordings]

Canadian DJ/Producer “Audrey Pai”  (“Memory Loss“), is rapidly moving ahead in the scene. Using her artistic skills which span even outside the studio, she has released a solid string of releases on labels such as: “Go On Air Recordings“, “AVA Recordings“, “In Trance We Trust” and Universal Nations” accumulating the respect and airplay she deserved from artists such as “Armin Van Buuren“, “Nifra“, “Cosmic Gate“, “Kyau and Albert“, “Andy Moor“, “Ferry Tayle” and many more. She also has had the pleasure of djing alongside artists such as “Markus Schulz“, “Simon Patterson“, “Andy Moor” and “Jordan Suckley” at events ranging from North America to Europe.

Following the evident success of her previous single “Maybe Tomorrow” she’s back at it, releasing her newest one “Endless Dreams” on Andy Moor’s “AVA Recordings” once more. A bass thumping driven track, filled with dark, aggressive tendencies in which beautiful, hopeful vibes try to and successfully surface and break through the darkness within. A truly cleverly crafted track which keeps the listener guessing, whether he/she is moving on the dance floor below or listening on headphones at one’s home.

We find ourselves on a train charging down the tracks like a racehorse once it has heard the gun shot fired. It is dusk and already growing darker. The landscapes and buildings we peer at through our window appear darker and less welcoming than usual. Struggling to stay awake, we lose the battle soon as our eyelids slam shut. Another world appears before us which is a darker, more menacing projection of the world we know. Walking through empty, abandoned city streets, we witness the city we know crumbling all around us. Even the trees that elegantly adorned and decorated the city appear to have lost their color and reason to live. Stray cats and dogs roam the streets seeking refuge and an ounce of love and affection from the humans that once were constantly up and down these busy streets. Saddened and bewildered by what has befallen it we decide to make a stand, here and now. We search our pockets and in them find a left over sandwich and a bottle of water. Without much thought we break the food in small morsels and begin to pass it out among the animals, along with a tiny display of affection to each of them. We use the water we possess reviving the tall, ever watchful trees that watch over our city. We do not realize it at first but gradually things appear brighter, more vibrant, as if these tiny acts of kindness are enough to begin brightening up the world around us. Already things are looking different and an air of positivity flows straight through us. Smiling at the state of things we feel content, suddenly awakened from our dream. It is nearly sunrise and the world appears hopeful and bright as we look out of our window on the train watching the sun arise.

We have before us a fine blend of progressive trance. For Audrey the future is bright and full of possibility. She only needs to open her eyes and follow her dreams that lay in front of her.

Released: 31/7/2017

Label: AVA Recordings

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