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Trancefix Review: Dylhen-Memories/Topaz [Coldharbour Recordings]

The young lad from Birmingham (UK) that responds to the artist name “Dylhen“, is a relatively new name to the scene. Be it as it may, he has already managed to impress many with his production skills in the studio. He has released on labels such as: “Ultraviolet“, “Saturate Audio” and now “Coldharbour Recordings“. Slowly but steadily he is building a name for himself in the scene and his grand efforts go hardly unnoticed as he rakes up support by artists such as : “Aly & Fila“, “Markus Schulz“, “DIM3NSION“, “Maarten De Jong” and many more.

His new release arrives at “Coldharbour Recordings” and features two unique, progressive mind boggling tracks, “Memories” and “Topaz“.


A driving progressive piece that unfolds beautifully, emphasizing on its bass driven nature and undeniable hold it has on us all.

Saddling up our trusty four legged companion, we take a look at the beauty that surrounds us. Some places on Earth are as if conjured up by the lively mind of the painters of old and spread out majestically on the canvas they hold. Mesmerizing, sublime works of art where everything is just perfect. This is exactly the case here we come to realize as we mount our dark haired friend and with soft words and a gentle nudge we are off. Crossing peaceful pastures layed out in perfect hues of green, we ride on carefree and relaxed, part of the world that was intended for us all. After riding for a while we stop near an old well to offer our gentle companion a refreshing incentive to carry on. After having its fill we are off once more at a quickened pace. The sky is decorated in colors of red, pink and yellow while various clouds try to steal the show. The sounds of nature all around us add to the beauty of the scenery and we even catch a glimpse of a flock of wild ducks flying in search of food or shelter for the night that will follow. We gallop on at a larger speed, hoping to reach a secluded place of our knowing to make camp and rest up before the next leg of our journey.


Another track of sheer quality and rare beauty. This one packs beautiful melodies, strong tinged emotions and rich soaring leads that burn bright and sparkle like the sun.

Having trained for months on end, the day has finally arrived. It is early morning when we set out from home. Psyched and a tad nervous at the same time. It is in the nature of every athlete to feel this way before his performance. Arriving at the field where all will take place and where we will be tried and tested, we walk to the registration with a certain glow and confidence. Following the procedure we make our way calm and determined to the starting point lining up among our fellow competitors and rivals. It will be a rare and beautiful day as all signs point to this. Birds sing in the trees around us and the air appears sweet and promising. An assortment and blend of colors can be seen from afar once the gun has been fired. It is evident that everyone involved wants a piece of fame and glory, as this race will utterly shape their destiny. Keeping the pace as to not tire too early, our vehicle of choice has become one with our body, moving as we move patiently maneuvering  among some of our competitors. There is still some way to go so why not take in the feeling of nature around us while feeling the rush slowly building up inside us like a volcano ready to erupt. Cycling through many landmarks and trees in bloom, we advance upon our fellow athletes. With fast paced movements we give ourselves an extra push and leave them far behind. We are now in the leading four. Using the extra energy we stored away for this defining moment, we pedal fast like our very life depends on it. The crowd is gathered all around cheering and watching it all as we pass our rivals one by one. We are literally two left in the race and even though our feet ache, our heart is pounding and sweat trickles from our brow, we use the final amount of our energy and like a fleeting force that knows no bounds we zoom across the finish line. The crowd is ecstatic, the announcers go wild and our heart soars with joy and delight. We have accomplished our goal and bask in the moment as we hear the ourselves being praised and called the shining jewel of the sport.

A remarkable E.P by an artist that has so much to offer and it is only the beginning of a bright and promising future for him. Look out for Dylhen!

Released: 17/7/2017

Label: Coldharbour Recordings

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