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Perrelli & Mankoff feat.Sara Houston-Lingering Mind [Rielism]

Another dynamic duo straight from the UK have been upsetting the form of things in the dance music world. Never quite fitting an etiquette, they are constantly striving to bring us some of the finest in trance music. Not focused on a specific style, we have seen them release tracks and remixes that fall into almost all subcategories of trance itself. They go under the name: “Perrelli & Mankoff” (“Chaim Mankoff” and “Daniel Perrelli“). If they have somehow eluded you, seek them out and you are certain to be pleasantly surprised by discovering their vast catalog of uncanny releases.

Now the guys are back at it again and have sought to enslave our hearts worldwide with their latest release which sees them teaming up with talented singer/songwriter “Sara Houston“. It is called “Lingering Mind” and it is out on “Sied Van Riel’s” label “Rielism“. What can one expect to hear? An upfront banger of a track, elegantly seasoned with the lush and mind piercing vocals of Sara. Including awe inspiring leads and a beautiful break within the track this is as heavenly as it gets.

Night has fallen and we as well as so many others are on our way back home after a tiring yet rewarding day of work in the city. The streets are packed with automobiles and the traffic is quite intense. People’s spirits are at an all time low and patience is not their strongest characteristic at this time. Horns can be heard echoing loudly across the concrete and impatience is thriving with each passing moment. Tired and in a daze from it all we see an opportunity to escape the frenzy and we take it with not much thought. Unfortunately things did not quite go the way we envisioned them in our mind and our heart sinks while witnessing our car being hurled aside and jabbed at with the might of a thousand punches on all sides by the ongoing traffic. Horrified by it all, we curse our moment of foolishness thinking our end is nigh. Vivid images of our life and what we could have made of it flip through our mind with warp speed. One person is ever present in all these images. Our lady, our most precious gem that brightens up everyday of our life. Danger aside, we vow if we survive this calamity we shall cherish the divine gift of our life together. True enough, an act of God if you will prevents our utter destruction and we survive it all with just a few blows to our body and face. Our automobile on the other hand has certainly seen better days. True love and the act of a divine force has spared us. Nothing shall be the same ever again.

Mass congrats to the trio here for the masterful work executed on this release. A life changing track that without a doubt needs to be part of your collection.

Released: 24/7/2017

Label: Rielism

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